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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meow Cosmetics: Wild Child GMTA and LOL LOTD

Hi there!

I was sent some GORGEOUS samples from Meow Cosmetic's Wild Child collection and I wanted to feature two of those shades in my LOTD today. I wanted a dramatic blue so I chose GMTA and LOL. They all have funny acronyms and names and it cracked me up!

*** Psst! Meow is having a holiday sale, 20% all orders if you enter Fireworks at checkout. Good until midnight, July 7th, 2010!***

Eyes are the two colours I mentioned with Moon from AL as a white highlight on the brow bone.

Liner is Kohl from Besame Cosmetics (http://www.besamecosmetics.com/) and liquid Liner in black from NYC. The lashes are from Hong Kong, Wan Lan #A-19. They're black with blue and lavendar stripes. Cute!

Blush was Aromaleigh's Rocks! rouge in FireWoman with a bit of Jaune Coquille (pale yellow powder) to highlight.

Lips are Fyrinnae's lip lustre in Whee! and AL Gothic Lolita lip colour in Cream Puff (a pearlized beige).

So here are closeups of the eyes. These colours were brilliantly pigmented, really bright. I foiled them onto Pixie Expoxy and I noticed if I rubbed, the glittery aspects had a bit of fallout, so go easy and pat, not rub.

The next few were taken outside, full sun. It's hard to see so I always either squint really badly or close my eyes. Hoping to capture the sparkle!

  Regular ol' face indoors, natural light. I love the brilliant blue of these shadows. They're super vivid. Although my Pixie Epoxy (courtesy of Fyrinnae) didn't mesh well with these- I don't know if it was too dry already or what- but the shadows were stunning!

I know I mentioned this earlier, but the lips were Fyrinnae's Lip Lustre in Whee! (No longer on the site, I wonder if it's discontinued *shrug*. It's a luminous pale lavender with a pearly sheen that goes on really sheer. Word to the wise though, it was supposed to smell like cotton candy, but it wasn't nice. Ick. First shot is indoors, second outdoors, third...well it says where :)

So if you want to check out in detail the eyeshadow, here's the scoop:

Who: Meow Cosmetics http://www.meowcosmetics.com/

What: Mineral makeup with cutesy kitty names and a HUGE selection and some limited edition eye shadow collections. Awesome foundation options!

Price: $7.50 for full size (5g jar) of shadows I featured, samples are $1.00. Samples come in baggies that fit a-ok in plastic card sheeting.

Shipping: Around $4.35 or for regular US First Class shipments (As far as I could tell, no freebie shipping, but that's ok) and up to $22.00 for USPS Express Mail- yow!

Have a great day,

*Wonderful customer service and high quality makeup that is NOT repackaged! Give Meow a try!


Betty Ray said...

Stunning! Love the lashes too.

TianneMarie said...

Thanks Betty! I was loving the bright blue.

BLIX said...

LOVE the blue look and those lashes are awesome!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Blix, thank you! I got the lashes on Ebay...speaking of, I'm bidding on a pair of your filigree earrings- gorgeous!!