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Friday, July 16, 2010

LOTD: Surf's Up, Banana Taffy, Cotton Candy from Suds N' Sass

Today I did a look featuring Suds N Sass eyeshadows. I wanted it to be a tropical, summery bright look.
Eye colours I used are listed below (all primed with Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy):

Eyeliner: NYC liquid liner in Jet Black

Cheeks: Aromaleigh Rocks! Rouge in SundayGirl (pretty coral orange)

Face: Maybelline Mineral Powder in Light Fair (a great powder, considering)

Lips: Besame enchanting lipstick in Exotic Pink with Stila lip gloss in Peach on top.
Here are some more eye detail photos. My favorite part was when the pink blended with the blue to make the purple (basic colour mixing, lol, I know) it was really fun to see.

Thanks Elizabeth for formulating such fun colours to work with! She sent out the full sample set to bloggers and I've loved playing with the eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, and I absolutely adore the Beach House scent. I have it in the perfume and soap. I'm coveting the moisturizer and bath bombs. I'm gonna Beach House in layers!

Suds N' Sass eyeshadows:
Full Size 5 gram jar (choice of sifter or shrink wrap): $ 6.00
Sample (1/4 tsp in jar): $2.00
Sample only in baggie: $1.00
Specialty Items: Soaps (really, really nice quality and scent)
Perks: Elizabeth sends free samples, is great at getting back to you if you have a question and is active on Twitter.
Happy Shopping!



MartianDelights said...

ooh that's one seriously flashy look ! Love the eyeshadows and the lashes !

Oh and the look really goes well with your blog banner :)

BLIX said...

Bright a colourful! So fun for summer too.

I did a look similar to this last year to a goth club. I thought I'd get total crap for wearing it but no one even noticed. Yay!

TianneMarie said...

Thanks Martian! I noticed that too...I have a thing for bright colours. They make me happy :)

Hi Blix! I would love a link to see your look. I bet it looked great. I've never been to a goth club but it sounds like it would be cool to check it out. But uh...I live in Utah and we're short on goth elements, sadly.

Heather / Eyeconic said...

SOOOO colorful and gorgeous! <3 I love the hot pink lips with it.

TianneMarie said...

Thanks Heather!