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Saturday, July 10, 2010

LOTD: Spell Cosmetics, I got Swindled for my Solitaire and Triple Strand in St. Tropez!

I am new to Spell Cosmetics and I'm learning to love what I've seen. Just recently, I've received their The Jewel Thief Collection. Elle does such a good job of keeping her site interesting, offering some freebies with purchase, and lots of sales- so I had to try them out. Be sure to take a look! Right now they're offering the blush St. Tropez I'm featuring today as free w/ purchase. Sweet!

For the Jewel Thief collection, each shadow has these fun names that read like a luxury heist and the pigments are multi-dimensional- not flat at all. The only downside is they have sealed square jars that can spill or poof powder out if you pull the sealant tab too fast. I like sifters better.

Also, I wasn't sure of the weight or ingredients as they weren't listed on the products and I couldn't tell if some were more 'full' than others. But I'm not usually worried about those small issues too much, because none of the items looked scant and I believe the ingredients are listed on the site.

However, the colour payoff in these is extraordinary. This collection was described as offering moisturizing benefits and they did apply smoothly, non flaky, and even over primer (Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy) seemed to stay sleek. Overall, 8 out of 10 (those darn sealed jars).

My LOTD was inspired by those scarily fabulous 80's/90's videos by Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistable". These women are the 'band' or dancers (ooh the goofy rhythm and bad moves, gack) and each have mega slicked back hair, deep almost violent makeup, and mega watt lips. The startling aspect of it was very raw and honestly, even with the cheeziness of it, I loved it! So I borrowed from that dark, deep makeup to come up with what I did today. But I didn't dance. Thank goodness.

Triple Strand (luminous pearly white with a purple/pink undersheen) Lid and inner corner.
Swindle (Dark navy plum, rich velvety purple) Outer V and outer lower lashline.
Solitaire (Muted royal blue) Crease and inner portion of outer V.
Eyeliner: Lancome Kohl in Bleu Royale (waterline)
Liquid Liner and 'lashes': NYC liquid liner in Jet Black ($2.00 and awesome!)
Mascara: Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Black
Spell Cosmetics, St. Tropez Blush (warm terracotta that blends to a lovely bronze neutral)

J Lynne Glow Powder in Candlelight (barely there peach dewy effect)


NYC Blue Rose (80's magenta with blue fire)

Ben Nye Color Cake in Bisque
Feel free to take a look at Spell! They've got some beautiful stuff and maybe you can grab these and be a Jewel Thief too!


MartianDelights said...

oooh... very mysterious

Actually I can just imagine you wearing this look with a gorgeous dressy gown, dancing at the ball, and then suddenly sneaking out to steal the jewels that belong to the lady of the manor :)

Not that I am saying you're a thief lol... you just reminded me of that kind of scenes in the movies !


TianneMarie said...

Ooh thank you! Man alive, bust out the spanx and I would looove to find a fabulous dress! I picture this being so James Bond in nature- you totally read my mind! Now I'm going to go covet ball gowns. Sigh- fashion, I want!