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Friday, July 2, 2010

LOTD pt II: Date with a Meerkat

Hi there,

Gar- I look haggard!

I decided to spruce up my earlier LOTD by adding a small bit of Fyrinnae's Meerkat. I am always impressed with Fyrinnae's shadows. Not to mention the all-time best primer, Pixie Epoxy!! I think between them and Hi-Fi Cosmetics on Etsy, I might, just might be able to ward off my Aromaleigh blues. Maybe.

So I swiped some of this heavenly violet with magenta and gold sparks to my crease and lower lashline for some oomph. What's amazing is that the other 3 shades held up without creasing with Pixie Epoxy all day long- including a trek through nightmare-mall-land and having my son try on skinny jeans at Hot Topic.

Lips are Aromaleigh Rocks! in She'sAKnockout covered with Besame's Peach lip glaze. I love Besame's lip glosses because they always smell so good and are smooth and really last. Love them.
Here are more eyes:

I think the purpley pink Meerkat is gorgeous- it's such a beautiful colour. I wish I had sheets made out of that. My husband would die.

Side note: Our crazy drunk neighbor got into his souped up muscle Vette and tore through another neighbor's yard today.  He spun in circles leaving rubber marks on the street and the grass. We live in an upscale neighborhood with lake views so this was a shocker. He came over later and apologized (with enough fumes of alcohol to spontaneously combust) but let's hope there aren't any more crazy things going down. Whada woirld, eh? I'm not the judgmental type either, but this is a family neighborhood! Oy vey! I'm now old and crotchety that this bugs me. The end of an era.

Have a great day,


Amanda said...

I love the orange in the middle. If I was not a poor college student I would probably spend a lot of $$$ on the stuff you show! (the yellow eye shadow a few posts ago was really cool too)

TianneMarie said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Thank you for the compliment- the yellow I used was Nico (I think) but you can get samples for $1! 35% all items too now since AL is closing. :(