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Thursday, July 1, 2010

LOTD: Ode to Blix using Nico, Severina, and Chloe

I spent a huge chunk of my insomniac evening yesterday scrolling through Blix's beauty blog "Glitter is my Crack". She's funny, unfairly insanely beautiful, makes incredible jewelry, and well, her LOTD's are minor works of art. She inspired me to use more colour. Be more clear. Not to be afraid and to take better care of myself. Thank you, Blix! (here are some photos from her blog- incredible, isn't it?)
In the next photo I think she resembles Gwen Stefani for some reason...sometimes she looks like Angelina Jolie...GAH! Talk about hitting the genetic jackpot (to coin my sister's phrase).

Check her blog out HERE!
I wanted to do something bright and tropical and more along the lines of what Blix does- bright colours, white waterline, dramatic liner, etc etc. It's outstanding what she does and I'm well....I'm a blender of colours and so this is harder for me to do. I suppose it takes a lot of practice. This gives me even more appreciation for how well she applies her colours.

I used all Aromaleigh Pure Eyes Lustres in: Severina (a brilliant chameleon green), Nico (shimmering golden yellow), and Chloe (sassy orange peach).
Although I'm nowhere near Blix-caliber, this was my attempt today, in her style. I'm like a 4 to her 10..sigh:
The photo above is edited, the one below is not.
Cheeks: Rococo, Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita Rouge

Lips: Besame lipstick in Carmine with Joey 120 lip gloss

There's my look of the day! Check out Blix's blog and follow her- why she isn't famous by now, is beyond me!

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liloo said...

Yep love her, she is really talented and definitly humble :)
She is a very sweet blogger and follower. She always leaves a comment or a sweet word .
She's got such a great style :).
By the way, your make up is awesome ;), those colours make your eyes brighter ( yes orange on blue eyes mmmmmmmmm love it!).

MartianDelights said...

<3 Blix, she's lovely and her makeup is so always flawless :)

This combo is really nice on you, really brings your eyes forward :) Looks like a really nice light look for the hotter summer days :)

Got to stop putting smileys everywhere pfff ...

BLIX said...

Aw, you are so sweet! Thank you for posting about me/my blog. REALLY cheered me up as I woke up this morning and checked my bank account. Someone else used my debit card and $300 is missing from my account. :-(
I think everything is being worked out but I can't help but feel violated.
So again, thank you for brightening up my day. So appreciated! :-D

Also, I grew up LDS and my hubby is Reorganized LDS. Never thought I would see another LDS gal blogging about makeups. Woot!

BLIX said...

Oh I am such a ditz! I forgot to say your eye makeup looks like creamy sherbet ice cream! So pretty and the combination is great. :-D

Heather / Eyeconic said...

What a lovely look :) I love Blix, she is so sweet. She sent me such lovely things on my birthday. <3

Cacau said...

I love Blix's blog, though I never commented! She has awesome FOTDs and I love her clubbing pictures! :)