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Friday, July 2, 2010

LOTD: Neutral with Bougonvillea, Damask, and Persian Kitten

Hi there!

For today's LOTD I was in a massive hurry. I have 3 minions I tote around with me that are my loves and dearies (2 boys and 1 girl, all hilarious) and so in the rush, I did this. I think from the stress I got a little wonk eyed there on the left. Either that or my allergies got the best of me before the Claritin-D kicked in. But, we do what we can, right?

The colours I chose were all Aromaleigh...Oh Aromaleigh, DON'T GO! I'll beg like a jilted lover. I'll fly to SC and wail at the doors. I'll send Miss K roses....or how's about we all make a petition and email our thoughts to her. Something! Before the disaster is final!

Ahem- the colours I picked were Bouganvillea from Carolina Summer Mattes (a rich mahogany brown), Damask from Pure Eyes Lustre (shimmery taffeta like apricot), and Persian Kitten from Eye Plush mattes (A soft downy sand-dollar shade). I wanted neutrals and these were so pretty. Gosh, I love 'em.

Here's my eye. The non squinty looking one. Bouganvillea is lightly applied on the outer V. Damask in the center, and Persian Kitten blending from the inner eye. Black liquid linah is from NYC in black. Mascara is Colossal Lash from Maybelline....made my lashes look really thin and spiky. Not a fave. Still counting down until I can go get Lancome....sigh.

My eyes are so small- it's hard to see a lot of the time, but the shadow's on there, I promise!

On my lips I'm wearing Aromaleigh Limbo lip balm and gloss from Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Fuzzy Navel. Yeah, bellybutton lint! Or the drink...but since I don't drink, I think of the other description. *shudder*

On my face I used Ben Nye's colour cake in Cinefairest and Aromaleigh's Pure Rouge (discontinued, sigh) in Ambrosia...nectar of the gods! It's a pale, pale peach that didn't show up too much on my fair skin, but was still a nice highlighting shade, I think.

Well, off to take a nap- it's bleary hot here and all I want to do is lay on my deck in a kiddie pool full of ice water and sleep. TGIF friends and have a great weekend! Here in the USA we're gearing up for our Independence Day on the 4th of July- hooray for fireworks!!

Have a great day,

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