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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LOTD: Nanette, Orinoco, Eggplant

Hi guys!

I did a ton of swatches and I've got a lot more to do. I tried to get all of my Aromaleigh done in oh you know, 3 days...not gonna happen! I still don't have the Pure Eyes Mattes, Carolina Summer, and Satin Pearls for swatches. I'll work on that though.

In a comment on L'Orchidee swatches, I was asked about Orinoco. It's such a funny shade. In the jar and online it's this fresh sparkly peach shade. It does blend into a softer colour, but has a pretty cream and pink glimmer in the light. It's quite soft. I like it for a highlighter or densely packed for some pop on top of a good primer (Fyrinnae Pixie Expoxy).

Here's my Look-Of-The-Day [LOTD] using Orinoco from L'Orchidee, Nanette from Eye Lustre, and Eggplant from Pure Eyes Mattes, all Aromaleigh.

I also had my hair lightened and I had bangs cut across my forehead. You lovely European girls might call it a fringe. Or do you? You tell me. I like it a lot. Now that I've tended to my hair, I'm trying to eat better, get more exercise, and well get off my duff so I can get fit. That's the one thing I'd change about me- my size.

Any tips out there?

Above are swatches of the colours I used. On my eyes I used Nanette on the lid. I blended Eggplant onto the crease and outer V. I tried to avoid a dark line of colour under my eyes since the size of my eyes are small and I didn't want them to be too smoky and look smaller. I blended Orinoco on the browbone with Ice and also used Orinoco on the lower lashline lightly blended with more Nanette.

On my lips I used a gentle outline of Chocolate Kiss from Besame filled in with Stila Lip Glaze in Peach. On my cheeks I blended Firewoman with Peach blush from Aromaleigh.

On my face I used Olay's tinted foundation (I'll get the real name and do a review, I like this quite a bit) and L'Oreal's studio primer. Which is actually great stuff! I have a $2.00 off coupon from my Allure magazine (get this mag, it rocks!) and I plan to buy some, swatch it, and review it. I then used Maybelline's Mineral Powder in Ivory topped at places with Aromaleigh's Voile in 1c and a bit of Metamorphosis. Whew!!! If you're looking for a dupe for AL's Metamorphosis, I think I may have found it....hint hint, it's from Morgana Minerals and I'm posting about it next!

That's it for the colours. Here's how it turned out, up close.

Nanette looks grey in the jar but has this reptilian effect where it snakes into green. How cool is that?!

You can see how gentle Orinoco is. There's a slight hint of peach on the browbone and inner eye. I like it. It's like pale skin with a sparkle.

Nanette glamming it up, outdoors, full sun. You can also see a bit of Orinoco on the inner eye.

Above is indoors, with flash.

Next post, Morgana Minerals!

Have a great day,


Loulou said...

It is indeed a fringe, and you really do suit it!

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Your hair looks beautiful <3 You're so pretty.

TianneMarie said...

Hi LouLou- Thank you! I love fringe better. Bangs is just well...what's that got to do with hair? Fringe makes sense. Thanks for saying hi!

Heather- thank you!! Oh man, it's all in the angles of the photo, I swear it!

MartianDelights said...

Beautiful look, and I love the hair ! x