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Monday, July 5, 2010

LOTD: A Midnight Cookie Party Entangle

Hi there!

Whoah- gotta run! But here's my makeup for today (All Aromaleigh):

Midnight- Matte navy velvet blue

Entangle- Elemental Lustre, Soft beige with platinum shimmer

Cookie Party- Holiday Blast, Glimmering burnt sienna brown with gold and lime highlights

Blush- Perle Illuminating Powder in Afterglow

Lips- Smashbox lip gloss in who knows what colour- cinnamon nude shade :)

Look how glimmery Cookie Party is outside- sorry it's blurry...meh.

Indoors, no flash, window light.

Closeup, indoors.

Thanks guys for stopping by! Say hello and is anyone else contemplating getting a loan just to buy up all the dreamy Aromaleigh stuff you've wanted?! Oh the temptation!!

Have a great day,


MartianDelights said...

lolz -- I put my last order on my credit card and will probably order again befrore the site goes down forever... don't care if it takes me a couple of months to pay it back, that's what plastic is for isn't it !

Love the look, browns go really well with your eyes x

TianneMarie said...

Oh gosh, amen and amen! LOL! I am dying to place a monster order and am begging the hubs to do it. Sigh, Aromaleigh! Thank you on the brown compliment. I try to do more neutrals day to day but man, do I love the bright stuff!