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Thursday, July 8, 2010

LOTD: Harlequin Eyes

I love France. I love French food. I love French decorating. I love the French language. In my dreams, I'm a French beauty in my chateau. BUT instead I'm a chubby American (blonde and blue eyes to boot) in my house by the lake and dreaming of France. So I took one of my other favorites, Harlequin patterns and created a circus-like pattern without the traditional diamond and that's the basis for today's LOTD. I think I sleep on my left side too much and now that I'm over 30, I'm getting wonk eyed. Next I'll have that squinty witch look and I'll have to learn how to cackle. Bwahahhaaa.
Here's me eyeball, all Harlequin'd out! I used the following:
Bright Pink: Aromaleigh Rocks! in PsychoCandy
Lemon Lime: Aromaleigh Rocks! in Estranged
Serpentine Green: Lime Crime in Elf
Blue Green: Aromaleigh Pure Hues in Caribe
Bright White: MAC Gesso (OH the best matte dreamy blendable white, evah!)

Mascara: Maybelline Big Lash in Black

Black liner and Outline: NYC Liquid Liner in Black

Waterline White: InterSense liner in Pearl

Lashes: Cheapies from Hong Kong with multi-coloured jewels. Seriously, like .89 cents (US) on Ebay.

On my lips I used (no liner) MAC's Blankety- the prettiest peachy nude that always works, no matter what skin tone. Gloss is Mary-Kate and Ashley (blessed Wal-Mart brand) Liquid Color lip gloss in 9061 (a basic blank nude).
On my cheeks I applied Aromaleigh Rocks! Rouge in Candy-O really, really lightly and blended. It looks bright fire pink in the jar, but these shades are so versatile. On my face I have Ben Nye Color Cake in PC-5 Natural 1. It's a thick, rather heavy pancake type makeup meant for the stage but photographs flawlessly. In real life, I look like a drag queen. Yes! I have some more brand reviews coming up! I received in the mail some lovelies from Silk Naturals, more from Meow Cosmetics and a whopping glory haul from Aromaleigh (DON'T LEAAAVE MEEE!). So there's a lot coming! Not to mention the All Natural Face shindig I'm hosting from July 12-22nd....oh there's gonna be some swatching goin' on...

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MartianDelights said...

I so know the feeling of dreaming you're in France... nevermind the chateau, sometimes I'd love to be back home, just for a while. The smell, the sunshine, the relaxed pace of life.. I do miss all that.
Thanks for this post that brought me back lovely memories... like being mesmerised by my grandma's collection of Harlequin books -- they're like a collection of lovey dovey books for women :) although I don't really know what interest she had in them, there's much better literature out there ! (naughty grandma :P )
I love how you get your inspiration from things :)

T, the Bee said...

This look is so inventive. It really brings out those baby blues!!! And you look beautiful, as always...

Anonymous said...


TianneMarie said...

Martian and T- thank you. This was a crazy thing. My 13 year old came up with the colours and I was shocked at how bright they were. Neon almost. Kinda cool. I wish I had big, big eyes like Blix or a beautiful lip shape like Martian to pull it off better- but dang it, you do what ya can with what ya got. Thank you though, guys!

Martian, ahhh France. I dream of going but it's very expensive. I'd love to hear more of your memories. I am in such awe of the culture there and Europeans well....you guys are heads and tails above Americans culturally. I admire it a lot.

TianneMarie said...

M- LOL I totally laughed about the grandma comment. Isn't fun to think of your grandma being a woman and human?! I remember when that hit me with my grandparents. They lost a big of their 'magic' but at the same time, I loved them more. Thanks for sharing that! :)