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Friday, July 30, 2010

LOTD: Estranged In Orbit with an Avalon Oyster

Hi there,

Ha ha! I love the idea of floating around space with an oyster- the visual made me laugh as I typed up the title. Today's makeup was light and a bit simple. I had a lot to do and I seriously was loving my bright green blouse, so that was the template for the day. I know it's kinda 1974 to match your eyes to your clothes, but I figure it's my face so there are no rules.

Here are the colours I used.

On my face I started with Olay tinted moisturizer (I promised a review, it's comin'!) with Aromaleigh Voile 1c for foundation. I applied J. Lynne's Candlelight glow powder (which I absolutely enjoyed using) to impart a 'glow' on my nose, cheeks, and forehead. Following that I very lightly brushed Wildflower for blush.

On my eyes, I used AL's Oyster from Carolina Summer on my lids. Only on the Outer V I applied Retro Hi-Fi Mattes In Orbit (It's the more limey green). Then right in the middle of the outer crease I applied Rocks! Estranged. I wanted a soft but brightly highlighted eye. I used Rocks! Avalon for liner on 3/4 of the upper lid and finished with Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara in Very Black.
Lips are NYC Color in Blossom (a cheapie brand that has FAB lippies for only .93 US) with Chanel's glossimer in Pagoda on top.

I look like I'm saying 'waaaasuuup' in this last photo. I make smarmy faces and I don't mean to. Usually I'm trying not to squint or frown. If I had a makeup wish, it would be to have a face like Winona Ryder's to use for my blog. Oh to dream! I am happy with the soft focus effect the Candlelight powder had on my skin. I am considering this in a full-size. So that's my Look of the Day!

Have a great day,

P.S.  I am so done with pinning my hair back. But I was in a rush and when it's hot and I'm busy, I just pull all of my hair back. It's easier for me.  However, bangs, coming up!


MartianDelights said...

That's such a pretty soft look ! It's really light, reminds me of spring :)

I think you have the same problem as me, with light eyes, it's really difficult to stay facing the sun for any length of time while trying to take a good photo, eyes start watering then they're half closed, it really hurts !

Love the title, and the new blog layout ! x

TianneMarie said...

Hi Lorraine! Thank you. I get tired of the massively done 4 colour with black liner thing sometimes even though it's striking. Speaking of Biker Chic is YOUR colour! It looks great on you! I hate it that we get squinty but I half to remember to close my eyes, open fast, click, then go in. Sometimes it works, sometimes I look like I'm in shock. We keep at it though, don't we! :)