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Saturday, July 3, 2010

LOTD: Colette, What's Shakin'? Be Mine & Let's fly to the Moon!

Hi there!

I really love Aromaleigh's Bete Noire collection. They're jewel tones at their base with sparks of deep plum, aqua, gold, fuschia, etc in the sun. They are multi-hued. My husband just saw the photo above and said, "You look green! I like it! You look radioactive..call it 'Radioactive Woman'!' then he went to go play Guitar Hero with the kids.

So here's my LOTD outside so you can see how dramatically different makeup looks in the sun. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to assume what you'll look like in your bathroom will be the same at the store. Watch for foundation lines, blurred makeup, swipey stripe blush- you get the idea.

The star of this show today is Colette from the abovementioned Bete Noire, by Aromaleigh. Oh it's beautiful! A royal blue with a hint of deep purple and brilliant navy sparks! I went with a dark lid faded to a pale browbone and dark lower liner in the same shade as the lid. Black liner and black mascara.
Here's the eye indoors. You can't see the sparkle as much, but it's still dramatic.

Whole face indoors. I used the colours above. Colette, of coise! Then followed by What's Shakin'? from Retro Hi-Fi Mattes (matte bright lavender) to blend and add depth at the outer V and around the lower liner. Be Mine (Glimmering buttery ivory) from the Valentine 2009 collection was the highlighter. I also used Pure Hues in Moon (brilliant white) but no swatchie as it's discontinued from AL. Blush was Aromaleigh's Rocks! Sinisterrouge- a fabulous deep maroon that blends to dolly pink. On my lips is Fyrinnae's lip lustre in Visual Kei (Ho Barbie pink, yes!)

Again, here's the difference between outside and inside, with the lip lustre.

I found the bright sunlight rather dulled down the lip lustre. Or maybe I ate too many strawberries for breakfast and forgot to reapply. Either one :)

Non-edited Eyeball. Note wrinkles and eye lines and beneath the forehead my brain is thinking, "Botox".
Thanks for taking a look!

I'm stoked today because we're going to go pick up the new cruiser bicycle I've been dreaming of for months now. I'm going to pedal up and down my neighborhood blinding people with my glittery eylids on my bike.

Have a great day,


MartianDelights said...

Beware you don't dazzle drivers/bike riders/pedestrians too much or they might have an accident !

I love Colette, it's my favourite Bete Noire.

啟均 said...


TianneMarie said...

LOL!! @MartianDelights- I made sure I blinked a lot and that way I looked like a flash of light riding by! I love those Bete Noires....sigh.

And to the second comment. It's R2D2 again.