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Sunday, July 25, 2010

L'Orchidee swatches: Aromaleigh

L'Orchidee (Orchid) collection coming right up! Cricket is a bright lime that borders on neon and is really unique! Tigrilla is "THE" organge and there's more....

Here are the swatches in daylight, afternoon sun. You can see how deeply sparkly they are. But they're not full on glitter bombs- just luminous. Shadow Witch comes off dark until light hits it and then it's a burst of navy. Chatterbox is my FAVE of this group. It look plain ol' brown, but it's not. You really have to see it to understand. It's got a bit of red tone to it that makes it stand out.

Below is the comparison chart with Aromaleigh's swatches in the round and mine are the colour blocks to the right. Whew! I have to admit that I absolutely fell in love with Orinoco. It's this delicious bright peach shade that is so fresh. I picked this up in full-size and love it to bits!

Seed Pearl and Unicorn are both winners in this group too. Seed Pearl has hints of aqua and green in the light and Unicorn is a pale yellow with a lot of shimmer and an ivory tone as well. I really wanted to be blown away by Tangleroot but it was a bit of olive green with a tad of gold. Instead, I loved Heart and Showy- which is surprising, because I'm not really a pink eyeshadow kind of girl.
Kristen loves orchids and based this collection on those beautiful flowers. Enjoy! Don't forget some photos if you click on them will enlarge for better viewing.
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Thia Winter said...

I have several faves out of this collection: Shadowwitch, seed pearl, moth and moonset to name a few....

Marcey said...

I too have Orinoco and love it but am not really sure how to wear it. What do you pair it with?? Maybe you could post an EOTD??

TianneMarie said...

Hi Thia! I love it! You're an AL addict like me and a lot of other girls. I'm so glad you stopped by as I enjoy your blog quite a bit. You always have inventive eye looks.

Marcey- I took your idea and used Orinoco as a highlight but I know as a lid colour it would be fab. I'll do another for you!