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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elemental Lustre Cheek Glisten: Kinetic and Luminary with lippies Limbo and Smitten swatches, Aromaleigh

These next swatches were for a few Aromaleigh items that I really enjoy using when I want something different. They were sold individually and part of Holiday gift sets. The first two are Kinetic and Luminary. They were advertised as Elemental Lustre Cheek Glisten powders, or metallic based 'glistening' powders for the cheeks. Almost like an illuminating blush or highlight. They're not available anymore, but I grabbed them when I could.

Kinetic on the left is shown above with flash so you can see the glisten effect. These take on a gold or grey sheen, depending on the light. I hate to say it, but you get a sort of "Tin Man" effect if you aren't careful. They're tricky to apply. I usually use them under and before foundation and primer and then layer to get the gleam or dew effect I'm looking for. Kinetic especially can look 'smudgy', so go lightly. Like Holly :)

Flash (indoors) from the other direction. You can see how in direct light they go more gold, indirect light brings out the grey. Kinda cool, huh?

Here they are indoors, without flash. Facial powders are more challenging to photograph as they are quite sheer and meant to be built up. But these have a nice shimmer and they weren't too difficult to see on skin. I primed these with ELF's Prime and Seal, so you'd have an idea of the colouration. Otherwise, it would be a sheer wash of shine on the skin.

Above are the lip cremes that Aromaleigh sold to sort of 'go with' the cheek Glisten powders. I'm not sure if they had some of the powder used as a base, but they're really nice on their own. I love Smitten especially. It's perfect for a pool/beach day where you want some colour, but not a full on lipstick. I use it as a blush creme too. Smitten is a pink wash whereas Limbo is more bronze. Both have a metallic sheen to them and that Cocoa Orange whatever it is yummy AL scent.

Below are comparison swatch charts with both the cheek Glisten powder and corresponding lippie. Hope you like! Again, since these are gone (sigh) you'll have to either hope they show up on Ebay or get a trade/sale.

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Corbyjane said...

I got Smitten as a "surprise" sample with my very first Aromaleigh order. I love it! I'll always regret not getting a fullsize. :/

TianneMarie said...

Hi Corby! I wonder if anyone is doing a trade. You could check on FB's Aromaleigh Anonymous and see. I remember the lippie samples- I miss them too.