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Monday, July 26, 2010

Gothic Lolita swatches, Aromaleigh

A lot of people rave over this collection and I liked it too. My favorite is Elemental or possibly Bete Noire....oh gosh a lot of them! Lost in Faerie...you name it! This one, though, I only have maybe a couple full size, the rest I have via samples Miss K sent to me for review.

Below are the swatches indoors, regular lighting, without a flash.

A lot of moody shades in this group. Satin Laces is gorgeous goldenrod. Aqua Nightmare is a bold aqua that is easy to love. Burnt Roses is a bid of mauve and brown mixed while Wonderland is an absolutely lovely silver.

Above was taken outdoors, full sunlight so you can see how they shimmer. These aren't glitter bombs but they do have a nice satiny sheen. It keeps the colour from being too blingy- I liked that aspect of it.

My fave in this group are: Satin Laces, Violet Ruffle, Lush Memoir (a lovely silvery lavender with a hint of blue) and Aqua Nightmare.

Here's the comparison chart for Aromaleigh's swatches and mine on the right in the big ol' square. My swatches are like the Mooninites' Quad Laser (can you guess where that's from?)
These were pretty true to shade except for Plush Romantic. I found the AL swatch to be more cornflower blue and my shade a little more platinum baby blue. What do you think?
Do you love Gothic Lolita? I love the names and the idea and the collection is well worth taking a look at!


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