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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gothic Lolita Rouge swatches, Aromaleigh

Gothic Lolita rouge, here we come! These are huge sellers and I highly suggest you get all 3. $8.00 for a minijar (10g) that will seriously last a lifetime. Rococo is a massively useful blush. It's a coral-esque pink that gleams on just about anyone. Dolly is very, very close to MAC's Dollymix (but cheaper, considering the amount you get from AL).

Comparison chart above. The AL swatches are very, very accurate. I appreciate that in a blush swatch. Nothing is worse than wanting a pale mauve and you get old lady purple. Do you own any of these and what do you think? I personally think these are some pretty awesome blushes! Grab them before they're gone!


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