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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fyrinnae and ELF swatches- blush and glitter and eyeshadow!

Hi there!

Okay, more swatches! Are you tired of them yet? I really want to get my inventory onto the blog so there is a reference. Whew! In this post I'm going to swatch all of my Fyrinnae shadows (I don't have many, sadly) and a few glitter liners from ELF that are discontinued.

Fyrinnae first! Below is a swatch comparison. If you click on a couple of the photos, it'll open up larger. I used Fyrinnae's swatches on the left, courtesy of their website, http://www.fyrinnae.com/. Then I placed a quick snippet of my own swatch for comparison, to the right. I'm happy to report that Fyrinnae has the most accurate color descriptions. I can honestly say that despite the difference in some of my swatches, in person, these are nearly identical to what Fyrinnae's site depicts them to be. How nice is that?!

Here are the same shades, on skin foiled with water (Fyrinnae recommends you apply without swiping to avoid pigment loss and colour blurring). Natural light, indoors, no flash.

Same grouping, but backwards, in outdoor light, late afternoon sun. I included two blushes and I have to admit, they're pretty spot on to the jar and the website. I've never had colours be so close to what you choose when you order. Thank you Fyrinnae!

What's great about them is they offer the BEST primer, Pixie Epoxy for a low $7.50- comes in a lip gloss like tube that is easy to use.

Also, their samples are massive and cost between $1.50 US and $2.00 and make collecting easy. They come in 5 gram jars, loose product. Their full size is HUGE at a total of 3 grams of product. Not jar, product. Considering a 5 gram jar is around half of that...it's a massive amount of shadow for the price. Can't beat it, honestly.

Ordering from them is pretty easy. You add to the cart and pay. Sometimes their site is down for ordering and that's a headache. The one time I emailed them about it, they got back to me quickly and ordering was up the next day.

Fyrinnae earns massive respect from me for being so unique and offering such beautiful eyeshadows and true-to-colour blushes and the killer primer, Pixie Epoxy.

NEXT! ELF or Eyes, Lips, Face, or E.L.F. They offer their products for around $1 and up to $5 US. Cheap and well....the performance shows sometimes. I do love their brushes though.

They're offering a great deal right now. If you spend $20 you get 10 (YES 10!) free mineral shadows (which is a $30 value). So if you want to get some decent brushes, stock up and then choose your shadows. Not bad!

So I swatched the Sugar Kiss (their teeny/tween line they got rid of THANK heaven) glitter liners. Sadly, they came mislabeled and I couldn't go online to figure out what they're really called. The stickers on two read "Shooting Star" - which I think is the clear based one and then two others read "North Star"- which I think was the silver. So that leaves the purple and pink nameless.

Here they are!

They were a hassle to get out of the nail polish esque applicator. The end of the wand didn't fully extend to the bottom of the bottle, so I guess if this dries out you're out of luck. Or you can apply some water to it...who knows? Anyway, the clear kinda rainbowey shade applied nicely and the others took 3 or 4 redips to get the colour you see above. Overall they're fun to have and I have only used them once.

Thanks for checking out the swatches! I have loads more I want to get to...J Lynne minerals, Silk
Naturals, Monave, Besame, and Smashbox...neverending.

I appreciate you stopping by!

Have a great day,


Heather / Eyeconic said...

Thanks a lot, now I have a bunch of new Fyrinnae lemmings! >:( jk, but these swatches are great. I can't believe I still don't have Meerkat. I love how you do comparisons with the website photos, it's really helpful and most people don't do that, so thank you!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Heather! Oh man...Fyrinnae and want go hand in hand. They make the best shadows, I think. Meerkat is awesome, very sparkly! Thank you for the swatch compliment. I find it helps me too.

Carly Robbins said...

I'd love to get my hands on some atomic afterflow! It's been discontinued for a few years...if you come across any to spare let me know!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Fyrinnae is wonderful and sometimes if you email about a certain shade, if they have any, they'll share. Try that first and I can mail you a sample.