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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eye Plush Mattes swatches, Aromaleigh

Hello! I'm afraid I don't have all of these. I'm missing 5. I don't have every colour Aromaleigh has made, but I'm pretty darn close. I may order samples and edit this post, depending on budget. I'll give it a very serious go!

Otherwise, here are the swatches!

Above is in natural light, indoors, without flash. I love the soft, satiny feel. They're listed as mattes, but Persian Kitten had a bit of sparkle to it. These are all soft and delicate, great for film!
Look at these babies outdoors! They kinda liven up a bit. I like that! Sunny Disposition is a great highlighter/blending shade. I adore Silk Stockings. I have a Benefit bronzer that has the coolest shade, just like this shadow. It's meant to copy the look of stockings and I swear, it's a dead ringer. What a bril idea!

I try to do my comparison chart in the same order as Kristen lists them on Aromaleigh. I crossed out the ones I don't have, Feather Boa, Baby Blues, Well-Suited, Pink Negligee, and Satin Slippers. I do want them, I just never picked them up. This collection is very lovely, haunting, and great with a matte, neutral face and a stained non gloss lip. I like these a bunch!



Corbyjane said...

Thanks so much, Tianne-Marie! :) I really appreciate this. I love the Plushes Ive tried (Silk Stockings, Satin Slippers, & Room Service) and I have a few more coming in my next order, but for some reason I have a really hard time knowing what to expect based on the website pix.

I'm now pretty certain I wanna try all of them! :)

clementine said...

Hahahaha, you won't believe this, but I was looking for swatches of these for like the past three days, and no one has any! I ended up not getting the sample set since people did mention them being a little sheer, but seeing your swatches, I might give them a go next time, if I can squeeze one more haul in. Thanks for the swatches!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Corbyjane! You bet! I was happy to do it and you motivated me to get to it sooner. I am going to sample the others, but I know it'll get here past the closing date :( but at least these few helped out!

Hi Clementine! (cute, I love those oranges) I am glad these helped out. I noticed that too and with Corby's suggestion, I hopped on to doing these swatches. I want to swatch my whole kit (exhausting but worth it) so there are references for people to use. These aren't sheer one bit. They apply like a Pure Eyes Lustre but are soft, not super shimmery. I would so get these and the Carolina Summers!