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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eye Lustre Collection swatches, Aromaleigh

I really appreciate the comments and feedback I'm getting on my swatches. Thanks guys! It's motivating as I sit and do the little dots and then label the photos. I'm glad you all are getting some use from them. I hope I'm not starting a spending epidemic that's too severe. But each of these colours deserve mention. Needless to say, I wish I had a full-size in them all. Each one.

Next up are the Eye Lustre eyeshadows. For some reason I feel like these and the Pure Eyes Frost don't get enough justice. Is it because there are so many? Or is it because they're not an LE. Either way, I found these to be beauties.

Nice thing about these shades (and the Frost ones) is that they're a bit cheaper. 5 gr jar is $7.25 US compared to the normal $8.00 US for other collections. So stock up! (Well, that's what I tell myself to do *squee*)

I really hope these photos are clickable to larger ones because they're a bit small otherwise. Above is indoors, no flash, regular light. I love Isadora (sorry I put Isadore, whoops) and Edie and Diamanda. Oh and Arielle. Arielle looks a bit beigey in the swatch above, but it has this sparkly pink and blue effect to it that is stunning.

Look at these glamorous dolls! I seriously need to convince Miss K I will come clean her house for 6 months straight (not that she needs it, I'm sure) so I can have one of each of her creations. They're all so beautiful. Look how pretty Cosette is and Isabella!

Weirdly, Brianna shows green based on AL's site, but I got more of a golden yellow very light green shade. It's still quite nice.

Kiki looks really bright if you layer, otherwise it's a bit soft. Same with Odette.

Here are some close up shots. I feel like these really demonstrate the variance in each shadow. I love how sparkly they are.

Nanette is a different sort of cat. Sometimes it looks grey. Sometimes it looks olive. Sometimes it's all of that mixed with a bit of lavender and pink. It's beautiful though. I would sample it just for fun!

Oh Kiki, you look like lipstick! And Isabella....it reminds me of satin.

I seriously was shaking my head doing this comparison chart because my swatches matched EXACTLY with AL's website. That kind of thing thrills me. I love the perfection of it. The only one that was off was Brianna. But eh, 99% is good enough for me!

Do you like these? Have you tried them? Don't be fooled into thinking because they're not LE or because they're an oldie but goodie that they don't perform. I really enjoyed swatching these and I hope you like them too!



Corbyjane said...

I LOVE this collection! it's my favourite! Somehow Sophie makes my eyes look bigger and brighter, and Circe is the most beautiful coppery brown. Arielle is magical and amazing. I also have Pandora, Olivia, Amelie, Ophelia, Angelique, Brianna and Nanette, though Sophie & Arielle are my absolute favourites out of any other Aromaleigh products. OMG. And wow, how lovely that they're all that accurate! I found Brianna to be pretty accurate, though I was shocked how different Arielle looked in the bag... on me, it's a perfect match, but in the bag it looked greeny brown--bizarre!

Anyways, I love these swatches... it looks like I'll be placing yet ANOTHER order before Doomsday, so I will be using your blog as an aide to decide. Thanks so much, Tianne-Marie! :)

Corbyjane said...

Ooh, one more thing I love about the Lustres--the girl names! I'm really into anthropomophising my inanimate objects and giving them personalities (I know, I'm weird...) and I think naming them actual names helps that a lot. Like, Sophie is the down to earth friend who'll make you more than real life, and Edie is that crazy friend who'll call you at 2am and say, "Hey! let's go skinny dipping at the beach!" (Which of course is ridiculous, because even on the warmest day the Pacific Ocean is FRIGID). Does that make me sound crazy? ;)

TianneMarie said...

Hi Corbyjane! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad the swatches helped out. I love love love this collection. I'm dying to own them all full size. LOL at the Edie thing! It reminded me of Little Edie from Grey Gardens. I grew up in Ca. and the Pacific is cold...unless it's August by say, Venice Beach...but still! Thank you for leaving such friendly comments! And no, you don't sound crazy at all! :)