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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dark Faerie: Try #1 (Epic Fail)

Hi there!

I was so inspired by Makeup Zombie/Wendi's Dark Faerie idea that I immediately went to it today. But it was a massive bomb!

(Oh and for those waiting for the All Natural Face shinding....as soon as I get the URL, it's party time! Crystal sent it and typical moi- I had to re-request it....so keep looking). *Note edit as of Nov 2010* Crystal never got back to me with the URL...so no All Natural Face. Bah!

I had this idea for a sprite like nose, Elvish type ears and dramatic, feathery eyes. It all turned out fine until I tried to adhere the hand molded putty to my nose and ears. Oy what a mess!

I tried so hard to get the Kryolan putty to work in shaping the ears and nose of this faerie thing...it didn't quite do the trick. The shape is okay, but they just wouldn't stay on.

The dang nose fell off 4 times and my kids were thinking I was nuts running around looking like this trying to glue the nose back on. I tried spirit gum all the way to Elmer's. Nothing really worked. But, I do like the eyes I created. Lotsa falsies and Bete Noire shades from Aromaleigh.

Because it just looked weird, I edited the holy moses out of these shots so you couldn't see how obviously pasted on the nose was. But I'll leave one unedited so you can see the original. Thar it is...in all it's glory.

  Look at that thing?! GAR! Anyone have better luck working with putty?! I wish I could do some foam latex, that would be awesome. But I'm at home, sans supplies. SO! As soon as I get more practice, I'll submit them to Wendi. A Dark Faerie will be mine! Muahahaaaa.

Dark Faerie Attempt and Flop

Face: Smashbox Glow Primer (makes your face this weird alien/robot orange)

Cheeks: Aromaleigh Rocks! Rouge in Wild Orchid

Lips: Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Ghostly Voice and Visual Kei smothered in Aromaleigh Bete Noire glitter in Aphrodite

Eyes: Aromaleigh Bete Noire in Colette (on brows as well) and Amarante. Blended with AL Pure Eyes Mattes in Eggplant and Ice.

Lashes: All Ebay no-namers. I just looked for the pattern. 2 pairs of the black triangle feather tipped ones and one pair of green speckled lashes.

Have a great day,


Makeup Zombie said...

OMG. But what a great attempt.. I adore the eyes though. They look amazing.

MartianDelights said...

I think your look is great, you're always trying to be creative and different to everyone else, it's fab ! I like the props you used especially the feather eyes :)

BTW -- thanks for the comment on my Aveeno post -- if you email me your addy I will post the lavender cream out for you to try. Would you mind doing a guest review for me?
Martiandelights @ hotmail.co.uk


TianneMarie said...

Wendi *squee*! I'm so glad you saw this. I am really trying to capture what I think a dark faerie would be...I've got another idea, but I wanted this to work. It was all good except for the attachments looking fake. I'll keep up on your blog and say hi any ol' time!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Martian. Oooh goodies! I'd love to! I'll email you. Thank you for thinking of doing that. I appreciate your supportiveness on this look. I liked the eyes, if only I could get the putty to stick- so that was the bomber for me. I wanted it to be photographed without the editing as I think the editing is kinda like cheating. I'll give it another go! I'll email you!