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Friday, July 23, 2010

Bete Noire Swatches: Aromaleigh

I'm trying to swatch my entire Aromaleigh collection and redo the crummy swatches I did of Valentine's 09 and Les Papillons. My goal is to have it done by Monday so that there's a reference before Aromaleigh closes for good and anyone wants to scramble in an order. Sorry Kristen, I'm not trying to add to the stress, I promise!

I've got my work cut out for me as I have every shade in either full size or sample of almost every collection. The only ones I don't have are the full Carolina Summer (I have most) or Pure Eyes Mattes (I have most) or Satin Petals (I have one, sorry). I'm planning to order them and even if AL closes before I swatch them, I want to do this company justice and have the shades documented. My own homage of sorts. The rest I think I have covered. If there are swatches anyone would like to see sooner rather than later, I'm happy to help!

I've finished the Bete Noire collection and let me say this, if eyeshadow could win an Oscar, these would be the shoe-ins for Best Actress. They're dramatic, sparkly, sexy, and rich. They're the silk Rodarte gown. They're the python Dior spike heels. Oh they're beautiful. Take a peek:

Above are the colours in natural daylight indoors, without flash. Aren't they pretty! Lisette is much more dramatic in standard light than outside. It seems to lose a bit of flash in full sunlight. But my favorite in this collection is Colette followed by Jolie and Amarante. So pretty. Like little jewels, each one.

Above are the colours in full sunlight, outdoors. Look how Lisette lightens. Crazy, huh? I've found that Sabine doesn't have the same rich red that AL's site lists but I wonder if my sample settled and isn't mixed up. I should do some rubbing of the bag to get the pigments all to merge, but I'm too lazy. Perhaps I should.

Here is a close up shot of each shade. I'm trying to showcase the versatile rainbow effect each colour displays. They're like diamonds. You can never capture the brilliance of a diamond on film...it never works. But these eyeshadows are breathtaking. Honestly, these are Miss K's opus. Beautiful.

And last but not least, I did a comparison chart. I've got on the left Aromaleigh's website colour swatch for ordering and my sample in a block on the right. Viviene and Solange are very, very similar, so if you want to stock up, pick Viviene. If you want a jewel pink, pick Jolie over Lisette. But don't skip Colette, that's a keeper!

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KittenMittens said...

I thought Sabine was odd too but if you go to "colour" descriptions the itty bitty swatch looks more right. I think she may have just picked the wrong exposure when she did the whole chart?
These were the first shades I bought (5 of them I grabbed) and I think dummy me and only used a couple of them once or twice. It's hard with so many colours!

Thia Winter said...

I LOVE the Bette Noir's I have! The glitters too!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Kitten...yeah this set was a bit odd for me. The swatches on the site don't quite match what you'll get, but they're all lovely. I find myself loving Colette and Jolie the best. I agree it gets hard with so many, you lose track and stick to the faves. Oh, the sparkle addiction is cruel!

Thia- I swatched the glitters after your comment. Thank you for inspiring me to do it.