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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bete Noire Lippies swatches, Aromaleigh (4 of 6)

These are the Bete Noire lippies. Kristen meant to release 3 more of these and they were for sale only briefly instead of more long term. I love these and I wish I had the 2 I'm missing, Juliette and Sylvie.

The 3 she released later and weren't available for long were: Mina, Elisabetta, and Violetta. These were darker than the original three. Miss K wrote about the new shades on her blog:

"You'll be seeing my first step to "the dark side" of lipstick when I program Bete Noire Nourishing Color Cremes in the shades "Mina", "Violetta" and "Elisabetta" onto the site. Elisabetta was inspired by an Urban Decay lipstick that is dark, but very wearable on me- "Apocalypse"."

I backlinked to Apocolypse for ya! It is a deep berry shade that I think is right on target for the later Bete Noire lip colours.
There's my colour comparison chart with the one lonely AL swatch. I really looked online to see if Miss K ever posted her own swatches of the three later shades, but I couldn't find it. So here are my tubes. You can kinda see to the left, near the top of the tubes what the shade is.

Here are my descriptions.

Mina: Grey-deep plumwine shade, sheer and low sheen.

Violetta: A darkened version of Morgana Mineral's Shrieking Violet. Morgana's swatch below. A nice dark blackened purple. MY FAVE! I loved Violetta so much I have 2.

Elisabetta: This really reminded me of Fyrinnae's Ghostly Voice. It's a fab grey-blue shade with a slight hint of lavender to it. It's kind of like the colour your lips turn if it's really cold outside and people say, "Oh your lips are blue!". I actually like this colour quite a bit although I can't say I would wear it regularly. Does that make sense?

Swatches above were taken in normal light, without flash, indoors. Isn't Violetta great? Can you see the blue in Elisabetta? These aren't available anymore, but you might find them via sale/trade online. If you find them, snatch it up!



KittenMittens said...

I have those too but I'm a chicken to wear them lol

TianneMarie said...

Hi Kitten! I love Violetta a lot- I'm pale and it looks good and it's so smooth and smells so yummy. Mina and Elisabetta might work over a red. We should try it!