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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bete Noire Glitters Swatches, Aromaleigh

Here are the Bete Noire glitters!! Gorgeous!

These are pretty cheap and with the finale Adieu35 code at Aromaleigh giving 35% off...if you pass these up, you'll be sad. At least get the samples.

Word to the wise though, you'll need a primer to 'set' these or you'll have a bunch of fallout and only some blurred base colour.

For my swatches I used Almay's Pure Concealer in Ivory and it was a little messy. As you keep reading you'll see that I wished I'd used something else that worked great with the final two swatches. But I wanted to get these done.

Below, Glitters in normal light, no flash, indoors.

I overexposed this shot a bit so you can see the undertones of these glitters. Sometimes the sparkle gets in the way (sacrilege, I know!) But here you can see how Aphrodite has a bit of a flesh toned base, Carmilla a pink, and Cleo and Scylla a little bit of copper. Eve is my favorite of this group. It's like a rainbow in a jar.

Here are some daylight shots below, in full sunlight. Glitter tends to blur in direct light and my camera isn't top notch, so you can see the fire, but I wish I could capture just how brilliant and defined these glitters are. Delilah reminds me of a mermaid's tail.

Carmilla is a deep burgundy with crimson and fuschia in it...it comes off deep pink, but it's got a great red undertone that is lovely.

Here's a closer shot of two I thought were really beautiful and didn't get the justice done in the other photos. Mata Hari and Scylla.

And then I realized I didn't have the full set swatched. I was going by my sample bags thinking I had the full set. Then when I checked the Aromaleigh colours...whooops! I forgot Morgaine and Salome. I have these glitters all in full size, so I ran upstairs to my kit and did the only swatches of Morgaine and Salome...sorry!
These two I used ELF's studio primer and their dome shadow brush, which I think gave cleaner results. I should've done all of them this way, but I didn't want to redo them. Here go!
In regular daylight, no flash, indoors.

Thanks for looking and happy glittery shopping!

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