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Monday, July 19, 2010

Besame Inspired: Heartbroken Red Lips

Hi there,

Gabriela Hernandez, CEO of Besame Cosmetics (http://www.besamecosmetics.com/) inspired me with her tweet today. She asked us to show how we are using our favorite Besame products and rocking a Red Lip. For some reason, I thought of a wealthy woman, crying over a heartbreak, black lace, and red, red lips. Here's my effort:

Products I used are: Eyes, Black Pearl and Pistachio eye shadow with Kohl liner. Cheeks are Raspberry and lips are Red Hot Red with Red Berry lip glaze. Face is cashmere compact in light with Dusting Powder on top. I felt like I'd crashed the Opera with my sad pout and dramatic eyes.

P.S. Gabriela, I adore Besame. I have nearly the entire classic collection and rave over your line a lot. Thank you for beautiful packaging and throwback cosmetics that bring out the pin-up or Hollywood darling in all of us!

Have a great day,


MartianDelights said...

Wow -- just love that look ! Reminds me of the ladies in Spain that do Flamenco -- maybe it's the lace veil, or the drama that comes out of the photos, I don't know... I just love it !

TianneMarie said...

Thanks! I think it's Flamenco-ish too. And sometimes I look like the Joker ha ha. I have to admit it was a LOT of makeup, but really fun to pull off.

吳婷婷 said...


BLIX said...

Great pics! You captured a sad woman very well. But hopefully you aren't IRL.
I have such a weakness for red lips. Just love 'em!

TianneMarie said...

Blix thank you! Nope, not sad, but I loooove red lips too. I think it would be awesome if you did a dramatic look too.