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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bedouin Beautiful: Valentine Evenings Wave Between the Stars and the Moon in a Serene Land

Hi there,

I wanted to play with some of my Hi-Fi Labyrinth Collection. But, in the attempt to do Jareth makeup (without having a photo to go by) I ended up changing it to a more Gypsy/Bedouin look. Why? I dunno. I think I just messed up and had to salvage it somehow. Ever do that?

I had a belly dancing skirt in my closet and that inspired me to change direction. I decided that if I wrapped that around my head, maybe I could pull off an exotic Beduoin Jareth-esque attempt that somehow worked. Did it? I dunno. It's a bit out there. But I like the idea of a nomadic gypsy (although I know there are poles of difference between a true Gypsy and a Bedouin) with exotic eyes, so here it is.
For reference, a Bedouin woman (nomadic peoples of the Middle East) beautiful!

And here's me...with minaret-esque eyes (a la Jareth eyebrows, ha ha) and my skirt. I'm diggin' the coins and well, I love the orange in the skirt.

That shot above all edited out reminds me of Mary Pickford. Oh, I was born in the WRONG decade!

Here's what I used. I mixed Hi-Fi Cosmetics and Aromaleigh (AL discontinued).

Between The Stars- pale, pearled lavender in the bag. On it's what you'd think a shimmery white unicorn would look like. It's a very pigmented version of pale, pale lilac with pink interference- just like rainbow iridescense (er, spelling).

Land Serene- soft, earthy sandy beige in the bag. Think mayan gold with crystally shimmer. It's a very golden copper with high sparkle. Like the colour of rich cream soda with a lot of sparkle.

Valentine Evenings- medium metallic bronze in the bag. Rich, sparkly bronze. If you could put a brazilian suntan in a bottle, mix it with coppery glittery goodness and gold sparks- this would be the shade.

The following are Aromaleigh:

Wave- dark teal in the bag. Vivid deep teal with a pure matte base. Highly blendable.

Moon- sorry no swatchie :( Bright, shimmery white. Basically, white on crack. Nice!

Not pictured or used in this LOTD:

(For Robyn, fellow Cali girl, by request) Crystal Moon- light flesh toned beige in the bag. It's a soft highlight taupe with a crystalline sparkle that lends it to be like Loxy from Aromaleigh's Lost in Faerie. Shimmery pale apricot beige.

What do you think? Should I take my 7 year old to the dentist like this? Maybe I will :)

Since I had a lot of feedback on the Labyrinth collection and Blix got me to thinking (I agree with the names too) and a lot were pulled from the masquerade song lyrics so it's a hit and miss...but beyond that, I love what Veronica did with the shades- let me tell you, they're not just pastels. I think pastels can be washed out and too 'pearly' for loose pigments. BUT these have a delicate balance of rich colour and sparkle and real wearability. Just for the heck of it, I'm going to rename them and give my colour descriptions below. Veronica, don't kill me :)

Click on the image and it'll get bigger.

Have a great day,


Pixie_a_la_mode said...

I really really like this. Especially the Jareth eyebrows. They are so hard to pull of but you wear them perfectly. I hope you went to the dentist wearing this because you look so good. :D

TianneMarie said...

Pixie, thank you! I washed it off, but I was so tempted!