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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aromaleigh NEW Collection: Ciao Italia! (Hello Italy!)

What a wonderful surprise when I got word from Miss K that she had perhaps a couple more "waltzes" to share. Aromaleigh has a NEW collection entitled, "Ciao Italia!" Hello Italy! It's inspired by Kristen's love of Italy and it shows in these colours.

There are a few brights like Mela and Albiococca and some gorgeously deep shades like Frutti Di Bosco and some heavenly ones like Fragola and Puffo. Take a look at my swatches outdoors, full sunlight (trying NOT to have the glare of the sparkle blind the colour):

Same order of swatches, indoors in natural light:
Now all of the colours, but starting with Menta, bottom lower right, individually described and swatched:

Menta (Mint)- Soft golden sparkle on top of olive based apple green.

Mela (Apple)- Lovely aqua with green interference. Bright and cheery!

Mirtillo (Blueberry)- A lovely mauve with purple undertones and lavender shimmer- almost pearly.

Malaga (Dessert)- Purplish cranberry with bits of pink sparkle.

Puffo *LOVE THIS ONE* (Smurf, ha ha!)- Just what you'd think. Smurfette naked and sparkly. 'Nuff said.

Albicocca (Apricot)- Deliciously deep tangerine with lavender sparkle. Gorgeous!

Amarena (Sour black cherry)- Ivory toned mauve with creamy opal pearl sheen.

Fior Di Latte (Mozzarella)- Beautiful ballet slipper pink pearl.

Pistacchio (Pistachio, lol duh)- Cool lime green with olive sheen. Weirdly, this swatch looks like Pera does in the bag, for reference.

Pera (Pear)- Golden undertoned pale olive green. Swatched darker than it looks in the bag.

Liquiriza[ia] (Licorice)- Deep grey-blue with iridescent shimmer. Quite dark, near navy.

Fico (Cool, as in "Oh, that's cool!")- Mauve toned medium brown with gold and silver sparkle.

Bacio (Kiss)- Coppery warm sienna brown with a golden undertone. Rich golden bronze, non metallic.

Biscotti (Cookie or biscuit)- Pale taupe with hints of pink and pearl (reminds me of Kinetic from Aromaleigh).
Fragola (Strawberry)- *MY FAVE* Peachy apricot candy pink with golden undertones.

Frutti Di Bosco (Fruits of the Woods/Forest)- Deep royal purple with lavender sparkle.

Nocciola (Hazelnut)- Golden brown with subtle sparks of gold and silver.

Tiramisu (literally "Carry me up" a rich layered dessert)- Dark cocoa brown with olive sheen.

Lampone (Raspberry)- Darkened Terra Cotta with a peach undertone.

Mora (Mulberry)- Muted violet/wine with silver sparkle. Very plum-like.

Rosmarino (Rosemary)- Soft silvery beige shimmer

Zabaglione (Custard egg based dessert, uh yum!)- Marigold yellow orange with gold sparks.

Ciocolatto (Chocolate)- coffee with milk colour, slight golden shimmer.

Melograni (Pomegranate)- Muted brick with slight sheen.

Melone (Melon)- Dark teal with soft, non shimmery pearl.
How beautiful are these! I'm not sure when she'll have them up for sale. I received this as a courtesy from Kristen, but I'm thinking they'll come up on Dormant Dream soon. You'll love these! As Aromaleigh is going to go bye-bye, these are a hot commodity! Enjoy girls!

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