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Monday, June 14, 2010

Suds N' Sass: Beach Collection

Hi there!
I've been inspired by Elizabeth's Beach Collection over at Suds N Sass.
The first peek I got was via Twitter on SudsNSass' (@sudsnsass) avatar. She's been working up a storm! I've been reading her tweets about new colours, names (her shadow in Pharoah is divine), and ideas about how to market the collection to YouTube vidders and Beauty bloggers all over the globe. Thankfully, she added me to the queue and I'm super stoked to see what SudsNSass has up their sleeve! So, until I get those little beauties in my hand, I drummed up a few of my own colours, via Lime Crime to show my excitement for the Beach Collection while it's on its way to my house!

For a product reference, I've enjoyed their Jelly balm in Addiction and let me tell you- if the shadows stack up like the lip balm, I'll be really pleased with the results.

Forgive the Blackberry phone pics. My husband is en route to the U.S. Open (he's a golf nut) and he's got the family camera. But, I have to say, I'm impressed for taking these in nil light, late evening in my kitchen! Go Blackberry phone quality!

Okay, take a look at the colours I chose in homage to the Beach Collection by SudsNSass.

On inner lid: Circus Girl
Outer V: Pompadour, Princess Caraboo
Central lid: Empress
Lower lashline: Mix of Pompadour and Empress with Circus Girl near the inner eye
Waterline: Circus Girl
Brow: Gesso (by MAC)

Check out my massive forehead...oy.

(My son just said, "Oh my gosh, your nose looks really big in that picture!") Thanks, son. *eye roll*. Actually, he loves this stuff...he thinks it looks weird and cool at the same time and laughs when I walk around the house like this. Just wait until I take him to school and meet his teachers...har har.

Face has not a whole lot as this was something I whipped up watching Housewives of NY and musing over tweets by Elizabeth. I used brown/pale contouring powder from Coastal Scents on my cheeks for blush. On my lips, Fyrinnae's Bare Shoulders and a bit of MAC Florabundance lipglass.
Check out the Beach Collection at Suds N Sass! Elizabeth's been working hard and tell her Tianne sent ya! She does samples, goooorgeous soaps (check out Hot Fudge Sundae, yum!), and of course, my personal fave, Jelly lip balm in Addiction.

Have a great day,


Elizabeth Aldinger said...

This look is absolutely gorgeous!

TianneMarie said...

Elizabeth, I'm glad you like it! I wish I'd had my camera to do it justice, but I'm really looking forward to the goodies in the mail. Thanks again!

BLIX said...

Really colourful and fun. :-)

TianneMarie said...

Blix! Hi there! I'm glad you stopped by as I lurk your blog and really love how soulful your eyes are and your talent at LOTD's. My eyes are so small, I'd love to have a face like yours to work with. If I ever film out your way, it would be so fun to meet. Thanks for saying hello!

liloo said...

love itttttttttttttt!
colorfull and bright!