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Friday, June 18, 2010

Prince of Persia: Makeup

My very blonde, caucasian and blue eyed son wanted me to do his makeup. I could've gone the really rotten Mom route (tee hee) and gave him enough makeup to make a drag queen jealous, but instead I went a litle more macho. Hence the Evil Sheikh or the Prince of Persia robber. He's the evil highwayman on the way to the sultan's palace. Watch yer gold!

Sadly, I think there are kids who look this way. But usually not in a kitchen. With a towel. I drew the 'stache/brows, the blood/scars, etc and altered a bit of nose shape with contouring. He was a willing dude, must say. I used Make Up For Ever for the foundation, countouring powder from Coastal Scents, lots of Ben Nye scab blood, Ben Nye bruise wheel and a bit of mascara :).

We love the Prince of Persia series, the movie- all the stunts and cool storyline. Although we're nowhere near a desert oasis or guarding any kind of universe altering dagger, he looks pretty cool! Great for Halloween! Or a killer Facebook profile photo. Having a makeup mom has it's perks.

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