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Monday, June 28, 2010

LOTD: Polar Bear brings home Aztec Gold during his Travel To Venus

Hi there,

I've been avoiding a lot of eyeliner lately. I think it shows in my LOTD's. I see a lot of dark, dark looks going on in beautyblogging- which are striking and pretty. Usually I wear my makeup looks I post throughout the day and having raccoon eyes by noon isn't really going to work in our Utah heat.

Before I show swatches and stuff, I wanted to say that if you haven't ordered from Fyrinnae- do so! http://www.fyrinnae.com/ They have quirky names and their shadows aren't run of the mill mica. They have rich beautiful formulas, especially the Arcane Magic collection and the Pixie Epoxy primer is the BEST primer for shadow- hands down. Plus, their lip lustres are this wet gloss like stain that are unusual but CHEAP and very, very cool! Try Visual Kei or Bare Shoulders.

So, open a new tab, copy/paste the Fyrinnae link and browse...Pick up a full size of Aztec Gold (one of my colours today) and it's cheap, serously, like 6 bucks (US dollars) for a 5g. That's a lot cheaper than most and the payoff is beautiful. It's not your blah olive green. It's a rich pimento with deep dark gold and a hint of muted ochre-yellow....it's like the name suggests- a gorgeous, beautifully rich colour that even in a 2$ sample size will last you ages. Ages!

It looks deceptively green. But this colour is a bit of a fibber in the jar....swatch below on my arm, daylight indoors for a great peek at the golden coppery beauty of this shade. Colour is the center one...beautiful!

All three were applied dry with a small foundation brush on my arm. Incredible payoff, right?! Below is from Fyrinnae.com showcasing the colour.

This is Fyrinnae's swatch applied dry and wet. The photo they supply is way more gold than it really appears. I usually like the surprise element of getting indie shadows because the shades are much more interesting than the site's swatches advertise them to be. Aztec Gold definitely fits into this 'Oh wow' category.

Actual pile o' color off of Fyrinnae.com- much more accurate! Gosh, this is so pretty.

Here is the LOTD eye for today, really light so I can go to the store and not look like a drag queen or makeup weirdo. Aztec gold lightly at the outer corners. Above photo indoors, natural light.

Other eyeball :) natural light, indoors, can you see how pretty this is? I have Polar Bear (also from Fyrinnae, Endangered Collection) on the main part of th lid and a bit of TKB's Travel to Venus as a highlighter on the browbone.

(Different swatch that looks almost identical, but this one is brighter)

My eyeliner on the top lid only is N.Y.C.'s russet brown. Here's another swatch look at the shadows. Polar Bear is so sparkly too- a beautiful, soft taupe that has a hint of gold but isn't at all disco.

Mascara is this heinous mascara from Claire's. Great brush, dry yucky flaky mascara. Don't buy! Claire's makeup reminds me of play makeup. Yuck.

Polar Bear in a jar (call the SPCA)

Here's all the stuff I used for today, now that I'm done waxing eloquent about Fyrinnae and 10 paragraphs about Aztec Gold. P.S. Those jars are Fyrinnae's samples, great huh! On my face (not shown) I used only Aromaleigh's Voile in 1c. WAH they're being disontinued, but maybe someday, they'll come back. Let's hope.

Lips: Besame, Red Berry Lip Glaze http://www.besamecosmetics.com/ (used on Angelina Jolie, weehoo! Not by me, mind you, but someone lucky!)

L'Oreal Lip Rouge in Heat (fire orange, yes! *fist pump* love orange!)

Cheeks: Aromaleigh Rocks! Rouge in SundayGirl: a great scary orange in the jar, but seriously, a beautiful flushed poppy on the cheeks. Blends perfectly and this huge jar will last a lifetime. Aromaleigh is one of my faves, ever.
Eyes: We talked at length about the eyes, so Polar Bear and Aztec Gold both are foundat Fyrinnae. Travel to Venus is from TKB Trading (http://www.tkbtrading.com/) and comes in a monstro sample bag, like 80 grams or something nuts- I can't remember, it's just huge- so I put this into my own sample 3g jar.

So let me know if you like Fyrinnae or plan to order. Their turnaround is a bit slow as they run themselves ragged filling orders. but you'll get it and when you d0- you'll love it!

Have a great day,


MartianDelights said...

OMG those eyeshadows look gorgeous ! I have a sample of Polar Bear on the way. I can't wait to get it now !

There's something about your eyes Tianne, what colour are they? I just find them unusual, or maybe it's the way the eyeshadow plays with them x

I understand re: the heat and wearing heavy makeup... when it's sunny it's much easier to wear lighter colours :)


TianneMarie said...

I know, hot equals melting face lol. Oh you will LOVE Polar Bear. I have to admit, Fyrinnae's site isn't as slick as say AL or Meow, but the eyeshadows are really top notch. The samples are generous.

Thanks for the compliment on my eyes- even though one goes wonky in photos sometimes. They're a blue grey with some green.