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Sunday, June 27, 2010

LOTD: I'm late for work and on the asphalt!

Hi guys!

I had a busy morning today and on the way home from Church I stopped by the P.O. Box and found a treat! From Aromaleigh I received 2 full-size shadows from the Hot In the City collection and I have to tell you...one of these colours really surprised me with how pretty it is. Here are the two colours I received:

Which one is the one I adored completely? Asphalt! I was really surprised by it. It looks like a basic brown with some sparkle, right? No, no- It's this incredible dark russet brown/black base with brilliant copper and violet sparks. It's THE colour for me this summer! I absolutely love it.

The other shade I received was Late For Work and it's the most gorgeous true blue with golden shimmer and deep blue sparks that it's perfect for a liner or a rich blue eyelid. I really love, love, love this colour. I've used it as an eyeliner and it's just divine. Such a beautiful, brilliant blue. Kristen- thank you for this shade!
Alrightey aphrodite- I took these really blurry crummy shots on my Blackberry and so they're not the hottest. I need batteries for my camera and so this will do for now. I'm still trying to figure out what approach I need to take on the lame complaints thing and what I heard and I appreciate so very, very much what you guys wrote to me. I read every one.

Martian- your post meant a lot to me and I totally agree that sometimes the high contrast takes the colour away. I want my photos to be more clear. LOL- here I am posting super blurry shots today...ha ha, but I like your thoughts- thank you!

Okay so here's the combo, inside light, while I'm walking around...

Isn't 'Late For Work' pretty? Such a great blue, really.

Here's outside. My husband took these after we were checking out the new shutters on our house. It's hard to get out of the shadow around the eyes, but he did pretty good! I'll be honest, this was just playing with my new jars and not too geared for posting but I was so surprised with how beautiful these shades are, I couldn't help but put them online.

See what I mean about Asphalt being AMAZING?! Look at the glitter in that! I hate how film never captures the iridescence or the beauty and complexity of these shadows as light hits them. This is like copper and purple and brown and black all at once. If I could get a dress made out of this stuff- I WOULD!

Say hi to my blurry eye!
And...from another angle!

You can see some of the violet spark to 'Asphalt' in this shot. Oh man, so pretty. I will ask for a cool camera from Santa so I can do these colours justice. Or well, buy some dang batteries.
Happy Sunday friends. Thanks for being kind. I needed it. I'm one of those 'feelings on my sleeve' type of people, so when I get hit, it's like a torpedo. I'm proud of being gentle and I hope I can learn from this and get a little tougher. So phooey to bad comments and hooray for the learning curve. Up and onward, that's the goal.

Okay, another LOTD tomorrow!

Have a great day,


MartianDelights said...

I like sparklies -- will have to check out if asphalt is in the vault sale :)

KittenMittens said...

No need Martian! It's a regular now :)

Nini said...

How pretty are these? Asphalt is stunning, think I will pick this one up also.

TianneMarie said...

Hi Martian and KittenMittens- It's not in the vault, but it's on sale sometimes with the 25% deal, it's so worth 8$ tho. I will say I had to foil with a good dose of primer due to the glitter in it. I used Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy and it worked great after that.

Hi Nini- thanks for saying hello! It's a great shade! Weird how sometimes something that doesn't really 'grab' on the site is gorgeous on.

Thanks girls!