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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LOTD: Egyptian Makeup

Hi there,

I love, LOVE, love Egyptian culture! I have a few books, trinkets, and even a papyrus from Cairo that I adore. Like a huge nerd, in high school I forced myself through tedious repetition to learn hieroglyphs. Even now I would decorate some part of my house like a pharoah's tomb by the Nile. But my husband would kill me. That and well, it would make our house look like a theme park. No bueno.

But I do love Egyptian stuff. The women were one of a kind. They rimmed their eyes with kohl, wore wigs and gorgeous tunics that would make Fortuny weep. I'm sure it was not very glamorous but oh, I'm sure on the same token, it was very very beautiful in a unique and sweeping way. Otherwise, how would we still focus on this exotic culture and styling some thousands of years later?

Above is a bust of an Egyptian queen (points for you if you guess who!) renowkned for her beauty and if you're really feeling retro, YouTube Michael Jackson's 'Remember the Time' video. Iman kills the role of the swan like Egyptian beauty. The women of ancient Egypt kept their cosmetics in beautifully inlaid boxes (eat that, Caboodle) and looking at all of this made me bust out my eye shadow and go Egyptian.

Before I get to the LOTD, take a look at Liz in her so very not-authentic Cleopatra costume and wig. I immediately think of her in this movie whenever I conjure up any sort of Egyptian beauty.

Rumor has it she wooed Richard Burton (the leonine film king of the era) and was such a scandalous beauty even Marilyn Monroe got jealous! An asp as a romantic gesture of death?! Heck no! Liz has it right- live forever and get cranky! Liz is like 105 now but she's got massive jewels (no pun intended) and is still iconic...and it all started where?

With Egyptian makeup!

Alright, so maybe not with the makeup alone...but Cleopatra was a film that ushered in the Age of Liz and with its budget busting antics and star studded scandals it changed studio structure and altered cinematic history. How's that for the power of a woman? Channel your inner Elizabeth (Or Cleopatra) with some Egyptian eyes of your own. Bust out your black eyeliner for this one!

For this LOTD I used a wide range of colours all from different collections by Aromaleigh.

Again, I took these photos on my phone and in my office by a big window indoors. Hence, the fabulous boxes and weird lighting. But hey, slap a black ringed wig and do a little photoshop, and I'm an Egyptian queen! Er, kinda. I would need a ton of tanner.

I used Aromaleigh Pure Eyes matte shadow in Ebony over Erno Laszlo's black eyeliner for the deep, Egypt-winged liner. On my eyes, the gold is Elemental Lustre in Gleam (the MOST amazing gold foil shadow around. Gorgeous!). The red is Rocks! TaintedLove and the turquoise is also Rocks! in Ozone. On the lower lashline I used a rim of Gleam and a bit of Elemental Lustre in Blast around the lower lashline and outer V of the lid for some blending. The inset of my eyes in orange is Les Papillons Spread Your Wings.

Overall, I love the rich hues so reminiscent of Egyptian murals. Lots of gold, earth tones, and bright brilliant blue.

I used a little bit of black Mascara in Maybelline Great Lash (the BIG wand) and blended it until I felt the colours were where I wanted them. On my lips is Besame's lip liner in Cerise and covered in Fyrinnae's Kitty Ears Lip Lustre.
Would you wear Egyptian makeup beyond Halloween? I'd incorporate some of the liner and go nude on the rest of the face with dewy cheeks and sexy, gleaming nude lids. Lots of mascara. Or if you want, go all out. Be your own Cleopatra!

Just watch out for snakes.

Have a great day,


Andrea (Annie) said...

As always, you are an amazing artist! I love your work and would love to have you fix my face up someday. Great work lady!

MartianDelights said...

I love Egyptian stuff, that's why I am completely nuts about Stargate SG1 lol -- that's as close to Egyptian as I will ever get :)
You look very pretty and it really suits you x

liloo said...

just discovered your blog and love it, love this lotd :)
I love arabic makeup XD
lots of love

T, the Bee said...

Beautiful! You are so talented! Do you have a youtube tutorial for Egyptian makeup? I would totally watch it!

TianneMarie said...

Andrea! I would love to! Anytime. It makes me happy you take time to read my blog. Thank you, friend!

Martian- hey you! Glad you stopped by again. I love Stargate. I used to be a total Battlestar grrl until it went off air. Sigh. Thank you! Love your blog too.

Liloo- Oh I looove arabic makeup too. Henna designs are beautiful and I did a quick LOTD on Bollywood makeup. You should check it out and tell me what you think! Thanks for finding me!

T- I should do more YT tutorials. I only have a few and I find them so tedious sometimes as I do a lot of film makeup work and making videos is a challenge. I get so nervous on camera. But I should do more, thank you for reminding me- I need to hear that so I know what people are looking for! Thanks for saying hi!