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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lost in Faerie swatches

Hi all! This post will be photo heavy as I used 3 different people and swatched their eyelids to show each colour in detail. I'll describe each one as I go. This took forever to do and as one of the people who donated eyeball time was me...well, it was a project.

But these colours are lovely- Aromaleigh never disappoints. You never get plain ol' orange- instead you get a sunset. If you have $25 (1$ for each colour)- buy the samples in homage to a great company and gorgeous eye shadow.

Zanna- a dark almost espresso/plum base with lots of sparkle.
Xylia- more purple than Zanna and darker, but same idea.

Trixy- a pretty shimmery cornflower blue with a hint of pale sea foam green. Similar in texture to Opulent Lustre shades.

Sorette- An orange-brown shaded with some gold sparkle to it. My least fave of the bunch.

Rosina- light ivory pink, similar in texture to Opulent Lustres and very pale and pearlized. I foiled this shade wet.

Pherenice- You girls who didn't get Skeleton Key in time- this is just about the same colour. It's a pale muted grey with platinum sparkle to it. Very pretty.

Orlinda- Barbie pink with a little bit of violet to it. My swatch is lighter but it's a deeper pink, just like Barbie's 80's vette. Love this one.

Naida- A frosted blue silver colour that is almost like lavender as well. You can tell by AL's swatch it's not a basic shade. Pearlized texture and swipes on full of colour.

Meliora- a beautiful pewter grey-blue with a pearly texture. Very smooth to put on and not a ton of sparkle.

Luella- a very sparkly (but not fallout sparkly) orange with a yellow base. This just GLIMMERED and was beautiful. If you're looking for an orange, this is a great one.

Loxy- Don't let the cookie colour of the swatch fool you. This is a very, very sparkly (but not glitter chunk sparkly) neutral that almost glows. I want this one desperately. Begging for Loxy will commence shortly!

Liriope- If you like colour shifting shadows, this one really suits. It's purple based but has a tone of cranberry that sets it off in such a unique way. Flecks of blue sparkle make it breathtaking- this one is in my top 4.

Erlina- a great yellow green with fire in it. Very pretty and bright! Great Rocks!-esque shadow.

Emerenta- THIS IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! It's a rich, rich velvety purple and when light hits it you see shards of pink and aqua and flares of blue sparkle. It's magical. This one I'm getting full-size.
Elysia- A pearly Opulent Lustre like grey green. I would buy Opulent Lustre in Tea- this is similar to that.

Elodie- Don't be fooled by the olive swatch. This is a complicated colour. It's Olive with gold and champagne and pearly sparkle that would be perfect for a smoky eye. Another in my top 4.

Ellette- This one is more satin in texture without as much pearl and a beautiful plum taupe- dusty light green brown. Bisque comes to mind.

Eglantine- A bright sparkly magenta plum that went on lightly with lots of sparkle. Pretty with bits of gold.

Donella- Sparkly nude in a shade of buff brown. The shimmery texture lightens the brown up a bit- this one is a perfect neutral.

Cleantha- A fabulous Holy Moses of Golden Orange! Love this! It's bright, lustrous and lots of sparkle. Sunshine in a jar.

Celinette- A more yellow version of Cleantha. Like Dandelion in colour and very sparkly. Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe's hair in Warhol portraits.

Calista- Charcoal basae with flecks of multi-coloured shimmer. Similar to the other darks in this collection. Great for a liner.

Caelia- A lovely purple/pink frost with hints of shimmer. Not as blue deep as Emerenta, but still, a fantasy soft purple.

Annysia- A vibrant, very platinum sparkly rich grass green. It has a depth to it that keeps it from being too lime. Mossy green with lots of glimmer.

Alina- A soft, pearly rose pink that isn't too magenta. It's more of a mauve pink. My swatch has an almost lavender hint to it, but this one kept being tricky to shoot. It is a lot darker and more plum pink than pale.

There you have it! All 25 shades! Which ones do you like. Based on just looking at the colours from AL I chose 3 in my last post. But, having now handled them and applied them I've changed my mind...My top 4 are:

1. Emerenta- I've not seen another shade like this. It's rich like the Bete Noire shades but no fallout. Purple and Blue and Pink all in one. Heavenly!

2. Liriope- This is pink and then has this beautiful rich plum undertone that makes it multidimensional. I love this!

3. Loxy- It's a neutral with a bit of pumpkin that just POPS! It's brilliantly sparkly and is a subtle colour that's new to me. It's not brown. It's not yellow. It's not orange. But it's a mix of all and absolutely stunning.

4. Elodie- A very dramatic olive with hints of gold and frosted green. This one was surprisingly rich. Very pretty.

Alright, enjoy! Let me know which ones you like best and Happy shopping!


Robyn said...

I found you by the comment you left on Miss K's last blog post. I just wanted to tell you I think what you wrote there was lovely and heartfelt. And I also want to let you know that I love how you do your swatches on your blog with the AL swatch on your eye swatch photo. Very cool!

TianneMarie said...

Thanks Robyn! I appreciate you stopping by. I'm so sad over this whole snafu and I hope Kristen climbs out like a phoenix. Your 'nest' is so cool. I tried to comment but it wouldn't open up...so hello via my blog :)!

MissTat said...

omgg i hadn't had the chance to stop by but I LOVE your blog!!! I really really like the way you do swatches. I'm way too lazy for that :P