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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life Lessons: Half of it is work and luck. The rest a forward moving kick in the pants!

"Why's ever'body always pickin' on me?"

I had a weird experience tonight. Every so often I google my name just to see if anything comes up. Well, lo and behold, on the third listing down there was this:

"Tianne Marie Pierce- Bad job at makeup" on ComplainBoards.com

click HERE for the lowdown, yo.

Say what?



I clicked on it, read what it said and immediately sat back, surprised and stunned. I scrolled mentally through the my clientele and wondered who on earth would write that. Late? Me? Slow? Well okay sometimes...I don't like to rush and I'm a bit of a perfectionist. But I'm not the lumbering show-up-late and then sloth around my work type. Nope, I tend to be early, keep busy and I don't hold up shoots. But unprofessional? Wha???

I fought off the three year old urge to feel dumb about myself and ignored that sting of unjust treatment that crept in. No one likes to be criticized. Especially in a way that feels unfair. Then it hit me: This does not unhinge my hard work or define it.

Who wrote it? I don't know. Is it valid? I don't think so. But then again there is always going to be someone with an opinion- whether you like it or not. It seems the more you expand your circle, the more opinions people have.

Funny though, I've not had anyone not call me back. So this is either a weird vendetta-esque fluke or they changed their mind and rehired me.

If anything, I am lucky to work over and over again with kind, warm people who understand that we're all spokes in a wheel- each working together to get somewhere good and I get lots of warm fuzzies from them. It's been such a gift of win-win. I'm grateful for that. I think that's the way it should be.

I don't know if this is legit or not. But I'll back up my talent and work ethic 7 days a week. What was that quote about all press being good- even the bad? Maybe this is a sign of things growing. If that's the case, then I like bad press! Yay!

I will admit that part of me was hurt and sad because I'm human and I like to please. But I am also motivated. Ain't nothin' gonna keep me down!

So dear "fstop" in SLC (whoever you may be): Thank you. Thank you for showing me that it's okay to put myself out there. Thank you for reminding me that one small, sour drop doesn't spoil the ocean of positivity that I work hard to create. We're all just people after all and if I run into you again (which I'm sure I will, Utah is a close entertainment family) I'll give you a big happy hug.

Well, that's that, folks. I really hope it's not the photog who didn't pay me, lost my Lady Gaga CD, and then took over a month to return my things and they were tossed in a bag and decided to 'vent'. Last free project I've done. Period.

On a side note: How would you move up and on? How do you deal with criticism? As for me? This little makeup senorita is gonna just keep on keepin' on!


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