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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day At The Beach: Suds N Sass Swatches

A huge thank you to Elizabeth at Suds N Sass for sending me her new collection: A Day At The Beach! I love getting courtesy collections to review and this one did not disappoint. She's been working hard on the names and let me tell you if you don't order something- you will miss out!

A Day At The Beach consists of 15 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 highlighters, and 2 bronzers. To complete the collection is a wonderful yummy smelling perfume called Beach House.

Eyeshadows are $6.00 for a 5g jar and $1.00 (US) for a samble baggie, $2.50 for a sample jar (approx. 1/8 tsp). Blushes are $12.00 for a huge 20g jar and for a 1/2 tsp sample $1 for baggie and $2.50 for jar. Same price for Highlighter and Bronzers! That's a deal, girls!

There aren't words for the scent of Beach House. If you could bottle sunshine, flowers, bees buzzing, the ocean, cotton candy, pina coladas, and suntain oil- this would be the fragrance. I am buying a few for gifts it's that good. Oh and well...one for me. Okay, two. Gotta have a backup in the car! An 8ml mini is $4.00 and the full size is $14.00 for 1 oz. SWEET!

Click HERE to check out Suds N Sass' website and take a peek for yo'self!

Here are some swatches! These all applied evenly and had a range of textures: matte, pearl, shimmer, and even a rich glimmering sparkle.

Primer: Almay Concealer in Ivory, applied dry onto forearmThis was indoors with a flash. Check out Piercing Parlor- that's a fabulous slate grey! Seagrass is a lovely yellow-green and I adore the name 'Banana Taffy'. Makes me want some! This was outdoors, no flash (on my deck lol). I love how these colours show up so well even in dull light. Wonderful! Gosh, I love Seagrass.

Here are the highlighters and blushes. I applied these dry to bare skin. I'm very pale and the highlighters aren't dark- but do offer a nice veil of colour. I would recommend using them around the eyes for an 'awake' look and above the cheekbones.

I'm so pleased to have had a chance to take a look at this. It's well worth purchasing samples and Tattoo Shop and Piercing Parlor and Seagrass are my personal faves. I've got a LOTD coming up with this collection. At the very least- BUY Beach House perfume. It's perfect in the mini for at least 10-12 uses in your summer purse.

Thanks again Elizabeth! I love it!

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