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Monday, June 21, 2010

Aromaleigh: MASSIVE Midsummer SALE!

I'm really, really excited to announce that Aromaleigh is having a MASSIVE Midsummer sale! Celebrating the summer solstice, being the longest day of the year, will give you ample time to stock up.

I love Aromaleigh. It's truly top notch makeup and this is the first time in many many moons that I've seen such a hefty sale. I'll post my fave colours after each sale collection as the MUST HAVES. I'm dead serious, this is a huge sale for AL and I suggest you make your purchases now, dearies!

Coming up SOON from Aromaleigh: Lost in Faerie. Kristen has let me know I'll get some samples to swatch and review. I'm really, really excited! Phyrra over at http://www.phyrra.net/ has some fab swatches up and running already. Love her. Check out her stately standard poodle too while you're visiting!

HERE's the Aromaleigh Sale info!

50% off the following collections (Must be seen to be believed- no repeat blah taupe here!)

All prices are US, packaging time from order is 3-7 days in addition to shipping time*

Pure Eyes Frost, regularly $7.25, SALE $3.63

MUST HAVES: Passion, Hazelnut, and Gilt

Satin Petals, regularly $7.25, SALE $3.63

MUST HAVES: Verbena, Foxglove, and Basil

Gothic Lolita, regularly $8, SALE $4

MUST HAVES: Satin Laces, Velvet Dream, and Teddy Wisp

Eye Lustres, regularly $7.25, SALE $3.63

MUST HAVES: Chloe, Nanette, and Severina

Bete Noire, regularly $8, SALE $4

MUST HAVES: Colette (HOLY GRAIL colour!), Sabine, and Amarante

Valentine 2009, regularly $8, SALE $4

MUST HAVES: Hot Stuff, Pillow Talk, and Be Mine

L'Orchidee, regularly $8, SALE $4

MUST HAVES: SEED PEARL (Buy 2 of these, amazing colour for highlighting), Unicorn, and Moth. Dragon is gorgeous too. I love this collection a lot.

En Pointe, regularly $8, SALE $4

MUST HAVES: Calliope, Dulcinea, and Serenade.

Spring Solstice, regularly $8, SALE $4

MUST HAVES: Heartleaf, Trillium, and Lupine

Hot In The City, regularly $8, SALE $4

MUST HAVES: Window Shopping, Late For Work, and Lady Liberty. Italian Ice is a huge fave too.

Les Papillons, regularly $8, SALE $4

MUST HAVES: Glowing Luna, Flying Flower, and Spread Your Wings

What a sale, eh?! Let me know what colours are your must haves- or what you WOULD buy if you could. I know money can be a pinch, but at least pick a top 3- for $12 that's not a bad deal. Plus any shipping under $50 is only $2.99- AND you get 3 free samples! Be sure to tell Kristen how much you love her colours!


MartianDelights said...

OMG thanks for putting this post up ! Been refraining myself from buying because I was looking forward to the new collection, but I think I just can't miss this !! Went on the site this morning, wouldn't have gone back on it again today, but now I know what I'll be doing tonight !

TianneMarie said...

Oh you bet! I know, I'm looking at it trying to justify all I want to purchase. It's a great deal! Let me know what you pick out. :)

I can't wait to see Lost in Faerie and I really do love Victoria's Revenge.

Happy shopping!