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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aromaleigh Lost In Faerie Collection

First of all, I adore Brian Froud's style of imaginary sketches and artwork, so the calendar shot was apropro for this collection- possibly the final by Aromaleigh. It's called 'Lost in Faerie'. If you google it you can see some other blog references, http://www.phyrra.net/ is a good one.

Courtesy of Kristen's Dormant Dream site where various former collections or un-AL related items are sold, are the photos for the Lost In Faerie collection I posted here.

I have a full sample set Kristen sent over to me and I'll be doing swatches and LOTD's soon. I.E. Today (hopefully)!

Full sizes and samples are now available (links courtesy of Aromaleigh's Twitter feed) so happy shopping!
Personal Faves: Olinda, Meliora, and Elysia

Lost in Faerie Eye Collection: Full Sizes #1 of 3 http://bit.ly/cywqeg

Lost in Faerie Eye Collection: Full Sizes #2 of 3 http://bit.ly/cuL1Nu

Lost In Faerie Eye Collection: Sample sets now available http://bit.ly/cZk7Ia


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