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Monday, June 28, 2010

Aromaleigh is closing for good. HORROR!

I am typing this on the verge of tears- this means this much to me. Aromaleigh http://www.aromaleigh.com/ which for me, is THE standard of mineral makeup and most makeup, period- is closing its doors.

You can read all about it HERE.

Why? Kristen, aka Miss K, the brain and beauty behind the brand is going through personal demands and has realized that her own inner sparkle is needing love and she can't juggle both the company and what her future has in store. I sympathize deeply and wish I could drive to the Island of Misfit Toys and hug her. She's a kindred spirit and I know she's suffered for her company and put out the best products, bar none.

I feel literally sick. It's like you just heard your friend is dying and you sit there openmouthed and in shock. She's offering a final 35% off all inventory and will sell it down to the last jar. Just type in Adieu35 on any order and you'll get the deal.

I wish I could get all of the Aromaleigh girls together and pitch in and save this beautiful makeup from disappearing and give Miss K an Italian villa and all the love to float both. Oh how I'll miss it! I can't even describe....it's awful.

I'm heartbroken. It's the end of an era.

Miss K, how I'll miss you and the individually gorgeous sparkle you brought. Aromaleigh was a godsend and I wish you wings of beauty, joy, prosperity, and friendship along your new path.

Much, much love to you!




MartianDelights said...

OMG -- there I was yesterday just thinking I should be writing to them to tell them that I hope Aromaleigh will never ever die ...

It's going to be a sad sad day for all the Aromaleigh lovers :(

Loulou said...

Horrible news. I'm gutted, since I love Aromaleigh mineral foundation. I hope Miss K makes a comeback soon, better than ever. :(

TianneMarie said...

Hey Martian and LouLou- I know! I was just thinking the same. I'm going to mail Kristen a package with some thoughts for her- because she was such a huge part of why I loved makeup so much. Lou- perfect way to put it, gutted. It does feel that way, doesn't it? I hope this isn't permanent too!

T, the Bee said...

I also hope this isn't permanent. They are a mineral makeup staple, for sure!