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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aging makeup- special effects and production shots!

I recently worked on a short film that was near and dear to the writer's heart and he also amazingly played the lead as well. He's a funny, talented, dedicated man and his family was fun and gracious during filming. Thanks a bunch for such a great crew! On the lead I helped him go from average Joe to slowly dying from cancer. My best friend passed away from Leukemia in 2008 (http://www.robingroff.com/) and so shoots of this nature are very touching.

Here's me chatting about what else, makeup! with talent agent and screenwriter, Kristina. Told ya about the diet thing....must eat spinach and jog.....You can see a lot of my kit behind me. Bless the 90's Caboodle. I carry it for pure nostalgia! Remember those? Kristina's film that she wrote 'Elizabeth's Gift' is having a cast showing this week and should premiere this summer. Take a look! IMDB listing HERE. Working on EG was like working with family- so it's always fun to see people again on different projects.

Below is a quick shot in the film of Adrienne getting in character for the scene where her father calls with his prognosis. She was the daughter of the man diagnosed with cancer and it is always striking to see someone cry on cue. A has the face of an angel and she is a doll.
That little girl, Danya is going to be a knockout. She played Adrienne's daughter. It was her first film and it's hilarious that pink bunny is bigger than she is!
This is Steve- he's the writer and lead actor in the film. He's a hoot and he's the guy that went from looking great above to well....take a look at the next shot (sorry it's small).
This was at the end of the day following one of the final scenes. The guy in the middle is Rob. He's an acting coach, phenomenal director and really a buzzword in Utah film- great guy. He's working on a neat project in animation right now that looks to be really cool. He's worked with Mickey Rooney and modeled wordlwide.
I am always starstruck at what makeup can do. You can literally transform yourself and I would LOVE to learn more about special fx and how to change features just by coming up with an idea. I've worked briefly with Chris Hanson who did makeup for Hellboy, Men in Black, etc and inspires me to what I could do.

So when I hear more about release on this short- I'll update! This is in post production right now and I always get so excited when something I worked on gets released. It's always a 'pinch-me' moment.