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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yellow Eyeliner: Hey there, bright eyes!

Yellow. When I think of that color I think of yellow roses and Big Bird and a 3 year old sun drawing- complete with wiggly rays and a wobbly hollow circle. But what about on your eyes? I've been fascinated with the idea of yellow eyeliner- not just shadow and found only about 2 pics online to showcase yellow eyeliner. Take a look!

NYX- a great cheapie brand carries an eye pencil for about a buck (US $1) and you can easily get it on Ebay or online. Go see! Another use for yellow? Use it on top of your red lipstick to blend for a summery coral! Dark circles? Lightly tap some yellow (LIGHTLY) and then dust with a pale pink and you'll have bright eyes! Or, draw a star next to your eye for a night out and with some cosmetic glue- use an iridescent glitter to make it sparkle. Yellow should equal FUN!

I love the photo below. It's what makeup is all about. Taking a beautiful you, using color to make a WOW statement, and being happy. I love this!

If you're looking for a super deal on some great eyeshadow (normally around $8 a jar), Aromaleigh is offering their incredibly pigmented ROCKS! collection for 25% the already knockout price of $3.90- if you use the coupon FLEUR25 at checkout- what a steal! Click HERE to check it out. I've circled 3 yellow colours to try...mix with a fixative, line across the upper lid and use loads of black mascara and brighten your makeup routine!

I apologize for being so dang busy this blog has started to mold and grow cobwebs. But I'm back and should be posting some pics soon. I have a few short films and a feature lined up and I hope to work on some more prosthetic pieces (Oh Elves, I want your pointy ears a la Legolas of Tolkien) so stick around!