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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Matte Stats- The lowdown of the no shine shadow

Hi there,

Oh wow, if I have any readers left, I will be in utter, joyful shock. I've moved into a new house which meant that everything I own is in these tightly packed boxes full of loads of stuff. My camera was in there. Somewhere. So, this whole time I've been ripping off tape, piling my things against freshly painted walls, and then watching Housewives of New York City (Sonja's eyeshadow, divine!) and lamenting my lost camera.

Then.....oh then....Today, I found it! Stuffed somewhere in between last year's taxes and our paper shredder was our little photographic darling. I busted it out, popped in some batteries and now, we're in business!

Lately, I've been on a matte eyeshadow kick. It's springtime, almost summer and I know when it's hot, the last thing you need is glittery shadow slowly making it's way from your eyelids to the rest of your face. It's bright enough out, don't compete! Instead, find a good matte shadow, affix a primer (I really adore Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy http://www.fyrinnae.com/), and play!

I opened my little jars of Aromaleigh and used 3 colours from their Pure Eyes Matte collection. I also used 1 colour from the Carolina Summer collection, which is also matte. Look a little below at these beauts.

I wanted a clean, almost brooding forest coloured combo to go with the hazy filtered sunshine of my afternoon. Nothing Eastery. Nothing pink. I wanted angry little shades of burnt orange, evergreens, and rich espresso. These shades are perfect. I was looking for a modern runway take on mattes that was still wearable and sultry. I think it turned out.

To get this look, I used Neutrogena facial moisturizer with SPF. On top of that I loosely applied Erno Laszlo's pressed powder in Ivory. This is a great soft powder that doesn't cake, but covers nicely. It's a real find. Love it. Next, I applied a very pale blush, the Peach shade of Aromaleigh's Pure Eyes Matte eyeshadow. I do that a lot. If there is an unusual shade I'm looking for, shadow isn't just for eyes...I've used in as a contouring powder and on lips as well.

Next up, I rimmed my eyes from brow to near cheekbone in a soft, laundry blue shade of sky- Cornflower.

Following that, I wanted a more tribal orange on the inner lower lashline, so I made a sharp stroke of Eros and blended it softly down from the linear angle, to keep it from being too harsh.

Third, I applied Pine from lash to crease on the upper lid. Blending on outer V.

I used Umber- a rich, deep black/brown for emphasis. I blended Umber onto my lower lashline as well and created a lower butterfly wing of shadow on the lower V of my eye.

Blending it all to soften the edges, I got a punch of sultry with a soft blend of blue mixed with a hint of orange. Just enough to not be cute but avoiding looking sharp as well.

On my lips, I used Hue by MAC with a bit of Lola Cosmetics liner in Orchid only on the center of my bottom lip for a slight shadow. I wasn't going for the Beatnik mouth of pure whitened fleshtone just yet. Slip over the top, Mac's Lip glass in Florabundance and you've got a great, easy Nude lip. Boy, I love easy.

Mascara was Borghese waterproof in Black (which I hate, ick so clumpy) and that was that!

I love mattes for their on-camera softness. ANY shimmer just distracts, catches the bounce lights and looks well, too sparkly. It's great for photoshoots, but on camera (especially the RED, HD cameras) mattes win out everytime. If it's warm and humid, try a matte shadow- they'll stay on longer. For a lipstain, use a deep brick matte shade with a touch of lip balm on top. I recommend Suds N' Sass jelly balm in Addiction. You can find it at http://www.sudsnsass.com/. It's soft, smooth, a luscious brown cranberry with a hint of shimmer- perfect for a great, deep look.

Try some matte shadow (psst the pure eyes mattes are 25% off at http://www.aromaleigh.com/ if you enter code Sparkle25 until May 28th) and build anything from a soft lid to a smoky eye- without the distraction of sparkle!

Have a great day,


MartianDelights said...

Glad to see you're back x

BLIX said...

Hello again! I really prefer sparkly shadows but matte has its own special place. You look lovely. :-)

TianneMarie said...

Thanks girls, I still read your stuff! I appreciate you stopping by and saying hi!