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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I've been fascinated by extreme fashion and one thing I stumbled across was Gyaru! It literally translates into "Gal" and is a Japanese take on looking young, (sometimes) tan, blonde, and pert. Okay, it's a little Barbie-esque, but I can't help but love the fluttery eyes, stick straight hair, and lolita-esque vibe. The key to going Gyaru is a deep tan, big lashes, cutesy fashion, and a Skipper doll attitude. I really wish America would lighten up and embrace things like this more. So much fashion is coming out of Japan, I want to grab on and go! First off, I covet, COVET, these heels! Where would I wear them? Oh, to freakin' Wal-Mart- yesirree! Chubby and all, I'd rock these babies wherever I could. Husband, dear....when you read this, you can find them on Ebay. I emailed you the link. Thanks :) *kiss kiss* Alright...if you want the link...here it is. But if you all buy these shoes and then I can't find them, I will weep a mighty weep!

So here's some photos of what Gyaru style looks like and I dare you, double dog dare you, to bust out the bronzer and some lashes and give it a go!

The girl above doesn't even look real. It's a bit Britney Spearsish, but I like it lotsa! Where do you get the clothes? Click HERE. It's in Japanese, but pretty easy to navigate.
8000Y for tights?! Oh gosh, where's my exchange rate info?

Oh to be tiny and darling and have little flouncy dresses to wear! Keep lookin, darlins!

A Japanese magazine titled "Egg" features a lot of this clothing and have their own website you can shop- and yes, it's in English too! Click HERE!

So how do you get the look? Let's see...in 5 easy steps, here's how to grab Gyaru makeup!

One, get a good bronzer, but it needs to be soft. I like Smashbox's Duo in Supermodel and Urban Decay's Baked Bronzer. Layer and blend for a soft, glowing 'tan'.

Two, with a white highlighting powder, like Make Up For Ever's diamond powder in white (or Aromaleigh's Perle Powder in Lux, spare your wallet and get the same product) gently brush down the bridge of the nose and under the eyes to brighten.

Three, apply a sparse, nude brush like MAC's honor for cheekbone definition, not necessarily a 'blush'.

Four, affix two rows of lashes- one big bunch with tapered ends on the top and a more sparse row on the bottom.

Five- Follow up with a barely pink lip colour- Blankety by MAC is purrrfect! If you have to line your lips, use a lighter than the lipstick shade- that way it looks soft, not defined. Dust with powder, put on your heart heeled mules, and you're set!

For this look (which took foreeeever...I wasn't feelin' it- I just don't have the face to copy these lovely Japanese girls, bah Swedish genes) I used two rows of lashes, top and bottom. I only had purple for the bottom....so it's not as nude face/dark wide eye as I would've wanted but considering I have to do this and then go pick up my kids (can't really wear it out, the secretary at the school already thinks I'm a weirdo)....purple it is!

I glue-sticked away my brows and drew them in with a blonde pencil.

I used loads of Aromaleigh's Eye Plush Sunny Disposition on my eyelids and lined the rest in NYC's black eyeliner.

On my face, Ben Nye cake foundation in Geisha and Cine-Fairest. I layered with Urban Decay's Baked Bronzer and used Besame's Raspberry blush. For the lips, MAC's Blankety and nude lipliner by Smashbox. For the white highlight down my nose, I used ELF's shimmer cream in..uh....the white bottle! I don't remember and I'm not wanting to get up and go look at the name. They only carry one white one- that's the one I used.


Hope you like it! Maybe next time I try this I'll have a better schedule and I won't look so goofy. Nothing's worse than a 30 something year old woman trying to be 'cute'.

Ugh, gag.


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