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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FOTD: Jardin

Alright, after 200 million little changes, I've finally gotten the website to look the way I'm at least 75% happy with. Of course, I'd love it to be all custom-formatted and whatnot, but this will have to be the way it is. I love kangaroos, hence the little jumper under the header. I'm honestly getting the crazy eye burn from staring at my monitor too long. So enjoy the black and rainbow theme....oh how I love that black lace too! Ahem, okay, on to the makeup:

For this look, I first decided on a rose pattern at the outset of my eyes. Then, regrettably, I added these goofy mime/clown eyebrows (I always seem to dork up the brows, drives me crazy) and it took on this Raggedy Ann/Floral motif.

In an attempt to rescue the look from utter lameness, I gave it a French moniker. When in doubt, call it something in French and voila! Instant culture!

So, here's my 'garden' look that I lovingly call French Mime Clown Bad Eyebrow Mess....but I do like the flowers at the end.

Here you go!

On the eyes, I used Aromaleigh Valentine Collection in Hot Stuff for the deep red crease.

For the lid and to blend, I used Pillow Talk. I love it...it's a creamy beige/pink that blends and sparkles just enough to be sultry and NOT distractingly. The subtlety is rather perfect.

For the bright white highlight, I used MAC's Gesso. I blended it in an upward motion at the center of the brows and in an upside down triangle shape below the eye for that ugh...clown effect. Why? Oh Why?

I used Playboy's waterproof Pick Up Liner in "Are You A Playmate" to draw the leaves, rose outline, and liner top and bottom. I blended it with Mary Kay's pecil shadow in Forest.

the outer crease, I used ArtDeco's sealant to affix Aromaleigh's Rocks! Glitter in Shake It Up.

To blend the leaves and brows so they weren't stark lines, I used Aromaleigh's Pure Hues in Caribe.

I know the photos are a bit blurry, but I kept getting fuzzy shots, so in lieu of running late for some errands, I kept the hazy photos. Just pretend I'm being sophisticated.

For my lashes, I used Lancome's Hypnose, but not a lot. I was in a bit of a rush and so I didn't apply the typical oh you know, 8 coats! It's it's not thick, it's not me when it comes to mascara!

Oh heavens, if I could, I'd wear big huge trollop like lashes every day and adopt a face southern accent. Speaking of trollop...

On my cheeks and lips, I used a bright, lollipop pink. The lips are Fyrinnae's Lip Lustre in Visual Kei...Oh it's Barbie heaven! HEAVEN!

The cheeks are the Hot Stuff shadow from Aromaleigh's Valentine collection in a blushy circle near the mouth. On my face, I used Ben Nye's cake foundation in Geisha and my eyeshadow primer was Hourglass.

I've got a few more winged liners to post too, so I'll get to those later this afternoon. My plan is to work out so I can make good use of my well hidden muscles and the weights gathering dust by my tv. Hell, in my case, is not paved with good intentions. It's paved with makeup! Those pots and jars keep me from my exercise routine. Okay, so that's what I tell myself. It's easier than admitting it's actually copious amounts of Fruity Pebbles and ghost shows on cable. I like the makeup answer better.

As for the rainbow lips- yep! I wore them out! I live in an area chock full of judgmental women who pride themselves on their size 2 jeans and 7 kids and their stacked Range Rovers...I drive a hatchback and am uh...not a size 2. BUT I would rather spend money on better things than a car and I've already explained the weight thing. Anyhoo- lips! I wore them to get pizza with my family and a said gaggle of above described women gave me 'looks' all evening. You ladies know what I mean. It's the icy freeze stare followed by an averted eye and then the next girl looks and so on until everyone of them got a shocked gander.

I was so totally okay with it. I think that being above and beyond what is usual is a sign of intelligence, strength, and imagination. Especially as a Mom...live a little, people! So, rock those rainbow lips! Wear your false eyelashes! Just know that you're only colouring a grey, grey world.


Lisa Kate said...

Very pretty! I love the roses, they look like those wash-off tattoos! I can't believe you drew those on, very talented!!

MartianDelights said...

Really original !