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Thursday, March 4, 2010

FOTD: Gilded Hazelnut Damask

Hi there,

Today's look was Aromaleigh's Pure Eyes Frost collection. I love rich golden peachy shades and my favorite in this colour range is Damask. I used that as the basis and here's the end result!

You'll have to forgive my tired ol' eyes. Today was a strange day. First off, I had a dental appointment- that'll make anyone's eyes tired. Second, I got a phone call from the sister of my departed closest friend, who had passed away in April of 2008. To hear her sister's voice on the phone, in between wind distortion (she was walking along the beach, lucky doll), and notice the similarites brought back a sense of home and of course, I cried. My dear friend died from Leukemia and well, life just isn't the same. So, my makeup suffered the fallout and really, I dont' mind one bit. Hope you don't either.

So for this look: On the lid I used Damask. On the inset of the eye, I used Gilt. On the crease and outset of the eye I used Hazelnut. I blended these three colours together until you see the result above. I lined it with NYC's black smooth liner (I'm buying Indelible Gels soon...I can't stand my crummy eyeliner any-MORE).

On my wee sad, little face I used Aromaleigh's Voile in 1C with a smidgen of Rococo blush topped with Lux highlighting powder. On my lips is Aromaleigh's Elemental lip colour in Smitten. These are being discontinued- all current lippies are, so rush over to Aromaleigh's website and get them before they're gone!

Tell Miss K Tianne sent you along and samples of the colours here are only $1....so for under ten bucks, you can get a whole new look! Send a little light skyward for my friend while you're browsing Aromaleigh's lovelies, too. She loved makeup and I only wish I could've shared this brand with her.div>

Oh! If you'd like to donate to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society (as my best friend Robin passed away from Leukemia in 2008 and the LLS is a close thing to my heart), click HERE. Donations made are tax deductible (in the US) and your donation will help find a cure for one of the most malicious cancers known. I will love you loads if you do.

Have a great day,


Thia Winter said...

Tiannemarie....I love the softness of this look....so sorry about your loss, even if it has been several years it's still hard, I know.

Amanda said...

i have been getting into gold alot recently and i love this shadow! Suz and i really do need to come over sometime and all hang out!