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Friday, March 5, 2010

FOTD: Alice's Morbid Curiosity in a Teddy Wisp Wonderland

Hi there!

Today we're going to go see Alice in Wonderland, despite getting 3 inches of snow. I refuse to wear snow boots, so I'm going in little strappy flats. Fie to you, snow! Fie!

Therefore, in honor of the movie, I wanted something to go with my black sweater and not make me fall into the category of "Mom trying too hard". Soooo, I busted out Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita collection and used the following:

Teddy Wisp- Lid

Aqua Nightmare- Outer corner

Morbid Curiosity- Crease

Wonderland- Bottom Lashline (FAVE)

on the browbone...

I cheated and used Seed Pearl from Aromaleigh's Le Orchidee...it's such a gorgeous colour.

Below is the look indoors with a flashety flash. It always amazes me how different the shadows look in various light and on the flipside, how very little of the sheer gorgeousness the camera captures. I don't want to foil on a pile of shadow and then go to the movies channeling my makeup-fabulousness...I don't want to stand out like that, so this is more subtle and the pictures show it.

Total face indoors (I was lurking in the dark hallway this morning taking photos like a wierdo...but my family is used to it).

Closer detail....on my face is Aromaleigh's Voile in 1c (no primer, just Besame's Rose hydrating lotion on my face).

For facial wash I use Oil of Olay's Regenerist and for a scrub, same thing but mixed with St. Ives Apricot Scrub since the Olay granules are so sparse. If my scrub isn't at least a little sandpapery, I feel let down.

Mascara is Maybelline's Lash Stiletto and I hereby vote the WORST mascara on the planet is Borghese's botched garbage in a tube they're hawking at Costco- 2 tubes for 10 bucks.

If you have an ex boyfriend you want to write a psycho letter to, by all means buy it and scritch something on his old t-shirt...otherwise, keep it far FAR away from your lashes. It'll clump, the brush will pile up with product, and yeah....c to the r-a and p. Just thought I'd share *smile*

Here's a close-up outdoors, the black eyeliner is ELF's little mini pencil that came in their freebie mini collection. I like it. ELF surprises me. Always good stuff...don't be put off. It's not the most AmAZing stuff...but for a buck, who's gripin'?!

Gosh I love Wonderland here on the bottom lashline. It's the *PERFECT* shimmery grey. Not too sparkly...but smoooth. If you want one grey shadow, THIS is it. Go buy it. One dollah...free shipping...pick 4 more and for 5 bucks, you've got a lovely little deal. With a name like Wonderland- puhleeze, perfect! Go. Run. Type. Click. HERE

Okay, double chin lovely, here I am (OH curse the dang irony of chocolate vs. broccoli)....but on my cheeks I have a mixture of Aromaleigh's (soon to be discontinued) Pure Blush in Peach and the still going strong, Perle Powder in Spectre (I like the alliterated suffix of 're' on those words...it's so Euro chic).

On my lips, I have a mixture of Fyrinnae's lip lustre in "Flavor of the Day" and Aromaleigh's (soon to be disc. too, sigh) Lollypop Gothic Lolita lip creme.

Looks like there's some shopping to be done before those lippies from Aromaleigh go bye-bye. I hear tell Miss K, the guru behind the brand, has some tricks up her Kung Fu strong sleeves and I can't wait to see...her products are truly a wonder and in this land of mine....they're the little gems I love to use to make my pretty!

Have a great day,


Janet/ Easy, Peasy, Breezy, me said...

This is gorgeous! I love Wonderland on the lower lash line. Enjoy the show, I'm going day after tomorrow!

Andrea (Annie) said...

Lady, you are gorgeous! I so wish we lived close so that you could give me some pointers. You comin' my way anytime soon? Love ya!

陽明山花季 said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙