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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bridal Makeup: A Brief Peek Into My Wedding

Hi there!
I had the coolest wedding ever. Well, in my mind it was. No, I didn't have a celeb studded ordeal with a 9 tier custom cake out of Chicago or any such nonsense. If anything, I did it with my husband and I planning it together.

I had the dress custom designed in a province of China, since I wanted to be modest, but ME. I ordered my shoes out of New York (Christian Louboutins out of pale champagne pink satin that tied up the ankle). I even wore pink silk fishnets from Givenchy.

We had a party at a restaurant afterwards and we ended the whole thing with red heart-shaped sky lanterns floating to the clouds with messages written on them- for Sally and Robin, my husband's first wife that passed away from cancer in 2006 and my best friend who passed away from cancer as well in 2008. Our children were there and for both of us, it was a moment of new beginnings.

And I can honestly tell you I did it under 5k. How? We did it ourselves. I wanted our moment to matter so I put the expenses into what was important and doing it on our own spared some budgeting for the key items like the restaurant and my dress.

I also designed the invitations and put them together at home, myself. I used the Madame Butterfly/Peacock Garden theme I loved and just threw it together after a few weeks of planning. I wasn't having the wedding of the year- so I was able to just relax and have it the way I wanted. Nice not to stress over the 'should-have' etiquette list.

Yep, I even made my cake. Sugar peacock, fondant, and all. It wasn't as hard as it appears and I will say this- the cost of making it rivaled ordering it, so if I have any advice, just order the dang cake and spare the drama! Mine was lovely and the photos didn't show the red rosebuds we stuffed in between the tiers (because I hate the white divider/columns and those were hidden by flowers)- but it all got knocked over by our kids during party setup anyway- the guests never saw it 'done'. But that's okay!

Unbelievably, the cost included the 3 room suite at the Grand America Hotel (built for the Olympics) in Salt Lake- marble bath, chocolate strawberries and all! We even hit the spa for some massage and virgin cocktails (we don't drink alcohol). All in all- we didn't miss out, but we didn't go nuts either.
Being a Mormon, or member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (http://www.lds.org/) we were married in the temple, a nearly 200 year old building in the heart of Salt Lake City with hand carved doorknobs and the most amazing interior. It was truly hushed and beautiful. Best of all- it was forever.

What I love best about my wedding is that no, I'm not small- BUT I still felt beautiful. I'm happy! I could care less than sample sizes are a 0- it's not healthy. Fie to you Balenciaga! I had everything I wanted and I rocked it, size whatever! I don't think your weight equates your value as a woman. So this day for me, even though I know I can be more fit and am working on it- symbolizes that it was my husband and I- for better for worse, making a huge committment and doing it like Sinatra, 'My Way'. My husband and I both know we look like a couple of chubbers, but we are over 30 and well...you just don't care sometimes!

BUT- my makeup? Simple. SIMPLE. I think a bride can do anything she wants. Wear a bright orange tulle dress with light up shoes- sure! Whatever YOU want. It's your day. To be honest, I did my makeup as naturally as I could, since my husband and I were working so hard to make the day happen- I just needed my makeup to hold up.

How did you celebrate your wedding? How do you plan to? Would you go bright or be simple. Natural. If anything, just be YOU.

Have a great day,


MartianDelights said...

I love weddings. Yours looks like it was lovely and relaxed, and IMO that's what it should be. Bride and groom have to focus on each other, it's such an important day for them, so why spend it running around making sure every little thing is in place/going to plan etc.
Mine was a simple wedding too. We didn't have any money. My family couldn't come over from France. We just had a registry office ceremony, then we went for a cold buffet type lunch, it was all over by 3pm. Then hubby and I went to a restaurant in the evening and spent the night in a hotel in town. It didn't cost much, but it didn't matter. And it doesn't mean that we are less committed to each other. So many people get into debt going OTT with the wedding plans, and find out a year later that really they're not the match they thought they were.
On another note, I am SO glad I didn't get a hen night !

Luinae said...

You look happy- that's the most important thing when getting married!

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TianneMarie said...

English only, friends!

WilburC_Custis said...

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IdellA231_Fecteau1 said...

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虹玟 said...

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