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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Apolo Ohno- 8 zone supplements shoot

I have been super busy moving, but I wanted to share quickly a shoot with Apolo Ohno for his zone 8 supplements. I was crowded into the press area (hundreds of screaming girls next to us as the 'crowd' in the shot) and chatted with his assistant and the director. Apolo signed autographs (I got one, my sister told me I HAD to) and I asked Apolo what he thought when the two Korean skaters slipped and allowed him to medal. I asked if he was stoked or just super focused. He paused for second, half grinning and said, "Well, both!" We took a photo and my husband hung out too.

What makeup did Apolo need for the shoot? NOTE: I did not do Apolo's makeup/prep at all. I was only there to help and they had plenty of staff, so I hung out with the MUA Tina and watched from the sidelines. I did get to hug Apolo though, if that counts. SO Tina shared what she used: blotting powder (he has seriously amazing skin), a bit of lip balm, and some light Studio Fix concealer. All MAC. At the shoot, I chatted up Aromaleigh's lip balms- since they smell so good and are so kind to the lips. Tina Hsu, key MA- shared with me her love of MAC and we chatted while Apolo signed autographs.

Take a look:

See, I swear he had perfect skin. And perfect teeth. What's interesting is that he looks EXACTLY like he does on film. I've seen a lot of people who don't (Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Darryl Hannah, David Hassellhoff, Kiera Knightley) and oddly enough, the only other person I've met who is like real life is Elijah Wood. Note: All talent are smaller in person. Weird.

I also love how I look HIDEOUS! I've been telling my husband I need to diet like mad and figure out the veneer thing. I hate my teeth (hence why I never smile in photos) and I am so self conscious it's unsettling- ironic that I do makeup and a beauty blog, but I am actually super shy if you met me. It's an alter ego thing this blog- I'm boring in real life, har har.

Waiting for the cue to enter the shot.

He's coming down the stairs and I swear, it was mobbed like gangbusters in there. I was next to Apolo's assistant and it was annoying to see how people screamed and went nuts. Here's a tip: If you meet a celebrity, don't cry and scream. They're just people. It makes you look weird.

After the shoot, my husband and I wandered the practice Oval where Apolo skates and where the 2002 SLC Olympic skating rounds took place.

I was curious as to how thick the ice was- there it is. Super slippery too. How Apolo gets into spandex and skitters around like a fiend on this amazes me. I walked around it and it's essentially the size of a school track run. Can you imagine skating this like 50 times? I have so much respect for Olympic athletes and it was fun to see how laid back Apolo was.

In closing, here's my favorite clip of when Apolo was on Dancing with the Stars. I just love this! Julianne kills me with her choreography- how can one girl be so dang gorgeous! What a power team. So...enjoy

Here's the footage in the commercial- no crowds or anything...but it's still cool to see.



CosmoFreakaLeak said...

i just realized how cute he is. but isnt he like 4'11"? lol

zindylou said...

Don't EVER Hassel the Hoff! we all know he looks BETTER than Apolo Ohno.

Kathy said...

Perfect teeth courtesy of braces. But yeah, great skin. Great hair too.

TianneMarie said...

Cosmo, ha ha! He was about my size, a bit taller and I'm 5'5". I know, everyone seems to think he's so tiny! LOL he's not big, tha's fo sho.

Zindy- I love the Hoff! We're tight. I stay at his house in Calabasas. Right next to Vons.

Kathy- I know, sigh. Some people hit the genetic lottery!

Anonymous said...

If you were at the Shoot, then you would know that the "screaming fans" were instructed that when he came down the stairs to scream and hoot and holler! They even had them do practice runs. So it wasn't just a bunch of uncontrollable Ohno fans.

So while your advice is valid and legit (One should never freak out at anyone, celebrity or not) it was misplaced as one of the producers told the entire room to scream for Apolo.

TianneMarie said...

Anon- You are right they were instructed, but I wasn't implying that it was utter chaos, just that is was loud and intense. I was only quickly describing the moment. But there was a lot of crowding and carrying on that kept the shot from moving fluidly at times and that's what gets old. I didn't realize on my own blog I had to clarify for the unknown cybermasses. I am not a celeb-meeting expert, I just am giving my piece. Of course I was at the shoot- but I don't have airs about this sort of thing. Do be kind.

P.S. If you're gonna give me grief, at least email me, friend.

zindylou said...

Anonymous, GET A LIFE!

明秋 said...

If you can not be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.............................................