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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vamp is the new Vamp

Hi there!

You girls all know you love Chanel (don't lie to me now, Chanel's profit margin says you love them anyway). She was a saucy one, that Coco! I read she paid her seamstresses a paltry amount and then ran around with her finger waved bob charging a bundle for her wares the world over. The trend continues. I know Karl Lagerfeld would have finger waves in his platinum 'do if he could! And yes, Chanel still costs a bundle. For that matter, Mr. Lagerfeld, he's a saucy one too!

Take a look at THE Coco below.


Can't you just see her getting her angry brows all in a dither and screeching in cultured French for them to 'SEW FASTER!'? That's okay because frankly, she made a fantabulous name for herself and earned her fierce browness. Honestly, if Karl wanted to howl at me in French while I slaved over Chanel clothes, I'd take it and then some for a bit of that fabric paradise.

But I'm not here to talk about Chanel and Karl per se. I wanted to dish on the colour that made headlines and is still priced higher than a decent dinner at P.F. Chang's and how it affected my trip to the ol' beauty parlor.


Oh the glory of near black with cherry red! How I covet thee!

Inspired by the Le Vernis (or nail color for us American gals) in that sultry shade- I plunked down in my hairdresser's seat and told her to update my golden blonde to a buttery platinum with a vamp-esque undertone.

She looked at me like I told her I wanted my hair to look like a hooker's. That's a no-no in my swanky salon that rests in the $2.5 mill. home price section of town.

To keep her from making my mane look like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark mixed with Peg Bundy, I explained. "Noooo, Vamp!' The nail polish! SEE?!' I produced a photo and now, 3 hours and some change later, on my head is exactly what I wanted.

No, it's not Elvira.

So, from the neck up, I am vampy Chanel glory with a crown of gold! From the neck down, I am more Kmart discount rack- but I plan to work on that too- courtesy of my Gold's Gym VIP (very inflated price) membership.

Take a look at my finished product:

Weehoo! I love it and it kept me from crying over the mid 30 slump I'm having. As I sniffed, I felt comfort in the fact that at least I don't wear jeans with elastic waistbands. There's always a silver lining girls, always.
In case you're wondering about the makeup- it's black liner by NYX, Cover Girl's (hideous, I don't like it and I want to throw it away but have guilt issues about wasting makeup) Colossal mascara, and Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita eyeshadow in:

"Angel Bouquet"

As Chanel is definitely a fashion tour de force, I'll leave with one of my favorite quotes from Karl himself. If I had been the sort, it could be a bit of truth for my everquesting search for beauty and my recent aging woes:
“There is a sort of melancholia which I find quite elegant after the 'bimbo years'.”

Can't you just see some woman, after her tans and tank tops and Spring Break reruns, pouting in her white tiled kitchen over her lost charms and sighing into her latte? A vision, I tell you!

Ah, Karl, bless you. You're the only one who could call a woman a bimbo and have it sound like a compliment. It's enough to make me pay 24 bucks for a nail polish.

Have a great day,

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