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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tarina Tarantino is at Sephora!


Well, hello gorgeous! Grab your Britney-pink wig, your butterfly tiara, and let's go sparkle shopping! I clicked on my daily worship at Sephora (http://www.sephora.com/) and saw this lovely snappie on the front page. Not only do I want one of those mannequins ripped right from 'It's A Small World' but I love Mlle. Tarantino's header look. That girl's a modern day Aphrodite with that come hither stare!

Clickee HERE to visit her line at Sephora....be warned, you'll be hit full force with makeup mania. It's painful. Only a purchase will keep the monster at bay. But what a pretty beast she is!
So what's the scoop?

Lots of boudoir esque beauty with silver gilt compacts, names like "Dollskin" and an overpriced tulle flower that I could get on Etsy for half the cost....but it's PINK! It's a limited line with only a few items, but since it's new, I'm hoping the line will expand.

One little gem that caught my eye is her Sparklicity Shimmer Dust. I wasn't sure if I should say it as Sparkle-city or Sparkle-icity....or Spark-licity....gah! I just want to spray the dang bottle!

It's a lovely container with a squeezable perfume like bulb that will miraculously adhere glitter to you without any fixative. How they do it? I dunno...they say it's Italian...so maybe it's the cosmetic version of the Ferrari. No one knows how it got here, we just know it purrrrs.

I'd like to try some of this body spray, but for $39?! I'll pass. Can't I just test drive the car instead? I like the bottle though! It's kind of like Jessica Simpson. Pretty on the outside, you're not quite sure what's going on in there, but you love it anyway.

Here's what Sephora quoted about the Shimmer Dust (read this with visions of Tinkerbell flying around your head in a pink wig):
Sparklicity Shimmer Dust
What it is:

A pure-refraction glitter for body and hair.

What it does:

Add shimmer and sparkle to bare shoulders, legs, hair, and décolleté. This luxe
finishing touch is made from an Italian formula called reflex, which delivers
pure glitter, sans base or binder.

It's called reflex?! Like the song from Duran Duran?! If I use this will I suddenly sound British and have a penchant for bangers and mash and palazzo pants?!

I think it's some sort of cellular magnetic adhesion that warrants the price tag...or maybe it's just glitter mixed with hair spray. Either way....I'm not THAT thrilled as I could buy aerosol glitter at Victoria's Secret for less. Oh, how I wanted to be thrilled!

Nix the Tinkerbell image now. Let's move along. The standard compacts, brushes, eyeshadow.....I'm looking for anything unique that will get me ready to click "Checkout"....

So far, it's a bit overpriced and banking on the name to be the selling point. This can get old for me since I feel like the cosmetics market is already saturated with 'personality' lines instead of innovation. BUT, I've not used any of this, so I can't say there isn't a gem in there somewhere. I like the pink, I like the silvery shimmer, and yes, I love Tarina....so if that's what I'm about, I can see this line fitting the bill.

OOh! I found it!

Take a peek at EYESHADOW GALORE! (They should've used THAT in the Bond movie, sheesh!)

I couldn't help but chuckle that the container for the shadows features "26 hand placed crystal gems" on each lid. Okay...it's luxe- thank you...but 'hand placed'? Oy.

The shadows are described thus (I feel like I should have a silver, jet stream helmet to wear these babies, they're so Hi-Tek!)

What it does:
These bold shadows with
hyper pigmentation come in matte and variety of shimmer/pearl, glitter versions.
Jet Mill Technology is used to pulverize formula into the smallest particle,
which gives shadows their velvety texture. The maximum pigment load, 20-50
percent more pigment with less binder, produces the rich color payoff that is
sure to get you noticed.

Well, okay! Sounds like you'll get some mega wattage with them and they'll last and if you don't blind people with your saturated shadow you can just flash your crystal case at them like a real Bond girl!

My top 5 picks from the blend:

L to R:

Memento: dark lapis blue with blue micro glitter

Headband: pink beige shimmer

Facet: peachy beige with iridescent glitter

Crimp: matte ivory

Amulet (for you Evony fans har har): deep moss green with green micro glitter

Gemtones in rockin' cases at $19 for .o9 oz....okay so it's not cheap, but you can't expect those hand placed crystals for a discount darlin'!

I think I'll look into Headband or Memento first. Those two stand out to me the most. So, click on over to Sephora, don't forget to pick 3 samples and anything over 50$ gets free shipping (if you don't live by a store) and snag a bit of this collection!

Or, you can buy a pink wig and glue some crystals on your own compact and call it a day.

Until next time,

Tianne Marie

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