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Friday, February 12, 2010

Show me your stash!

Lots of makeup mavens like to show their wares on YouTube and I'm posting on an Aromaleigh Aficionadas forum about posting photos of your stash so I thought I'd share. Some things you may recognize, but I decided to post the names of the Aromaleigh items. Oh, little jars of joy, how I love thee!

Samples all sorted in a binder by collection, starting with Aromaleigh Angels- darling but discontinued:Next up are my finishing powders, Perle powders, Pure Covers, Bronzers, and various rouges. I recommend 100% the Gothic Lolita rouges- especially Rococo. They're best sellers for a reason, babe!

Also are my lip cremes. I love the scent...I am hooked on re-application. They're soft like a balm, but smooth and pigmented like a stain, and smell divine. Like sixlets candy.


Then, come the shadows. This is my resting place of my darlings. I love the glitters, the limited editions, and of course the ELEMENTAL. That's my favorite collection of all. Seriously, every holiday, don't get me clothes, shoes, whatev...get me eyeshadow. I love it!

To keep my kit portable, I use those immensely glamorous tackle boxes located in the fishing section at Wal-Mart. A lot more efficient than a 'makeup box' per se and if I pile these babies in a rolling suitcase and I'm ready to go! I've toted these suckers hundreds of miles, carried through a university, through rain, and they've ridden my car for a few days.

For samples (in zhe fotoz), I use the ol' tried and true. Trading card packets from Office Depot (come in packs of 10, I bought 5....eeps, muchos shadows, but I love them all, they're my children, ha!) and a 3 ring binder and you're sample set!

I've got skin care and lips in a different set of tackle boxes, but this is the the bulk of my eyeshadows and all of my Aromaleigh.

P.S. If you're looking for the most deliciously scented lippie on the planet- get a Bete Noir lip creme- any colour is faaaabulous. I would pick Elisabetta. It's sulrty, a deep plum, and smooooth as silk. LOVE!

Until next time,
Tianne Marie

1 comment:

Janet/ Easy, Peasy, Breezy, me said...

You have an amazing stash! I also use tackle boxes as they are so much cheaper than a train case.