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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rainbow Bright: Multicoloured Lips

With the new rainbow theme- I wanted to do a little lippie to match! BEHOLD! Rainbow Lips!

I started with purple (all TKB Pop colours and coloured micas...I need to use up the samples) then dark blue, teal, lime green, yellow, gold, pink, and finally, red.

I'm wearing these to dinner with my family. I'll tell you all how it goes over. My husband said it looks like I ate dark frosting from far away and it's only in the corners, but in brighter light, the rainbow effect shows through. SO, off to go eat Chicago style pizza with my rainbow lips!

Until next time,
Tianne Marie

1 comment:

Musicalhouses said...

Wow this lip look is amazing! I love it! And I can't believe you actually wore it out - I'd so wimp out on that...Do tell how it goes! It looks fab!