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Monday, February 15, 2010

Opulent Lustre's in town, Buster Brown!

One of my favorite collections from Aromaleigh inspired my daily dose, or FOTD, face of the day. If you hurry, these beauts are on sale (they're going for cheap, those hussies!) at Aromaleigh's website, click HERE! I like the sultry smokey eye look of this look- the pearlescent effect of the Opulent Lustre collection is truly the star of the show!

Here's some swatches of the dolls, smiling happy at ya, in normal light, indoors:

Here's the placement on my eyes. I love the greenish hue to the shades of Tea and Bamboo...but they're more sage in hue and are so gently green that you can wear these like a grey. The silver undertones make them platinum-perfect! Don't you love how that Rococo swatch looks like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Har!

Now the same swatches modeling for your delight under a flash, indoors. Watch out, it's bright! I swatched these with a rounded shading brush over Hourglass foundation as a primer (gotta use those samples somehow). I also foiled them with a bit of aqua, so hopefully the colour isn't rubbing onto my jeans as I sit here and type. Lemme check...oh good, nope!

Black liner, liquid cake by BeneFit in Bardot (probably disc. I never see it anymore) and black Stiletto Maybelline mascara. Really it flakes and dries out and my wallet and I argued over replacing it with Lancome's Hypnose. Wallet said I was being elitist and Maybelline is more blue collar and crummy economy smart. I said, to heck with elitist, I want that dang mascara! As you can see, the wallet won and until it gets off its high horse, I'm stuck with the Maybelline. Bah.

Anyway, here's the swatches. They're nicer to look at than my typing:

So here's the look. This is later in the evening, 8pm ish and after going with my family to the Aquarium. It was packed to the gills (oh the puns!) full of wailing 3 year olds and lots of moms in velour and Uggs. I wore jeans and mary janes. I glared at the Uggs. So, here's the look and I love how the text for the Rococo Gothic Lolita rough (that I LOVE) looks like a French mustache! Enter French laugh and 'stache twirling here: Hoh ho ho!

I realized too that I wasn't the only one rocking the Aromaleigh at the aquarium! This electrifying tart stole my look! After the jump...


Alright so my humor isn't getting me any job offers, but it's almost 8:30, my husband is playing Dead Space on the 360, the kids are in bed, and I'm going to take my shimmering seductive eyes and watch him beat this level!

Good night and happy Aromaleigh! If you have enough cash for a latte, you've got enough for samples for each of these shades- they're only $1 each and with a $5 minimum order and free shipping- you can't complain! So click your heinie over to Miss K's website and grab some bags of this stuff.

Besides, it'll do more for your beauty bliss than a latte anyway!

Until next time,

Tianne Marie


Lisa Kate said...

Haha that lil lizard made me laugh so hard!!

You look gorgeous! I love Opulent Lustres, I don't think they get enough love! Fig is my favorite (at least right now!).

TianneMarie said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks! When I saw that green little guy, I couldn't help but realize that it so looked like it was wearing blush. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!